Call to order – Kim Obbink

Introductions to guests and new members – Welcome

Kim Obbink – Chair of Outreach & Engagement and Director of Academic Technology & Outreach

Suzi Taylor – Academic Technology & Outreach, Assistant Director for Outreach & Communications

Julie Kipfer -University Communications, Director of Marketing

Allison Reinhardt – ASMSU Senator representing the Collage of Letters and Science

Larissa “Larry” Morales – Boardroom Bobcat

Nick Johnson and Emma Williams, former Boardroom Bobcats were noted by Kim Obbink and will still be involved through the grant process.

Mark Magee – Shared Services and Staff Senate Representative

Rebecca Mahurin – Division of Health Sciences

Mandy St Aubyn – Office of Student Engagement and represents the Office of Student Success

Michael Fox – Curator of History at Museum of the Rockies

Robert Hietala – Dean of Gallatin College and represent the Deans Council now called Academic Affairs Council

Maureen Moulchin - Academic Technology & Outreach Administrative Assistant

Carmen McSpadden – Leadership Institute

Update on Carnegie Community Engagement Application activities – planning committee

Update on Carnegie Community Engagement application renewal process

Sub-committee in charge of process for group

Application is due April 15th

Complicated application and responses are short.

Will need to identify 10-15 engagement projects, that include names of contact people to be interviewed.

Mandy updated group on who she has spoken too: “Campus tour” includes University Council, Dean’s Council, Presidents Executive Council – going to Senate soon and informing these councils about the renewal process and advise them if they have engagement examples or things going on in their areas to contact the committee.

Kim went to Faculty Senate. Response was ok…they asked good questions. There is a a new Activity In-site page being created which is the software where faculty reports the work they are doing for their promotion and tenure documents. Chris Fastnow is working on this page. The library asked for someone to come and meet with their faculty and discuss Engagement rather than Outreach. Florence Dunkle is going to do that on Wednesday, October 10th. Becky received an invite from the group Common Thread works in Native American communities on research projects.

Mandy coordinated a larger steering committee inviting people from all of the colleges and larger units that do Outreach & Engagement in the area. Gallatin College needs to be contacted and a presentation given in the near future.

Outreach and Engagement faculty and staff award nominations – process and dates

Outreach and Engagement Awards given at the Spring Convocation in Methods

One award for faculty and one award for staff

Information on how to nominate is located on the Provost Home page – Spring Convocation 2019 – Call for Award Nominations

The deadline for all submissions is October 31, 2018

Ways to get the word out as it is not easily found on the Provost Home page

Mark to make an announcement at Staff Senate

List of past winners for the Outreach and Engagement Council is on our website

This council reviews these nominations we make recommendations to the Provost of our top candidate for those awards.

Service Learning Award that is managed by the Service Learning Advisory Board, so keep in mind when nominating

Two sub committees will be chosen, one for the staff nominations and one for the faculty nominations

Put it in MSU Today, Student Page and Allison will make an announcement at Student Senate. Julie to help promote.

Nomination process:

Log in with Net ID and password

Submit completed application to consist of:

Nomination letter

Current vita (not to exceed 8 pages)

Abstract of not more than 200 words (to be included in the Provost’s Excellence in Outreach Annual Report)

Two letters of support – one from nominee’s current supervisor

Seed-grant Application review process

Kim gave background briefing on Seed-grants and how it came to be at MSU.  This council looked at a lot of different universities to see how they were promoting Outreach and Engagement at their institutions.  Many of them did Seed-grants to help people get started with new projects.  This Council went to the President and proposed the idea that we ask for Seed-grants in the amount of $5,000.00 awards. The President funded for 3 years, we did 4 awards per year for 3 years. Last year there was no funding. This year, there was an opportunity to ask for one-time investment dollars, we went back and asked for another $20,000.00.  Nick and Emma gave the presentation at the all Council Meeting, the President got excited and offered up another $15,000.00 making a total of $35,000.00 to give away.

Seventeen applications to review

Becky and Suzi to chair sub-committees to identify top 5 from each group

Deadline to notify applicants is October 24th

Money can be spent on students, not faculty

Seed-grant scoring matrix form was handed out, and the criteria was reviewed. Suzi to confirm the same wording is used on the scoring matrix as the RFP and update the form.

It was decided that the “Twin applications” will stay together

Suzi to confirm none of these 17 applicants have been funded before. The MSU Outreach and Engagement Seed Grants flyer was shared with the Council. This flyer lists the projects that have won awards in the past. The past winners are also listed on the Outreach & Engagement Council website.

Kim stated that the reviewing groups keep in mind that as part of Extension, Outreach and Engagement is part of their job…but these extension nominees go way beyond on another level, what would be required to do their job.

Allison brought up how the Council decides if there are similarities between past awards and new applications or does that not come into play? Keep in mind if this comes up in reviewing and bring before the Council.

Seed-grant processing –

Split into two groups (Group A and Group B) for efficiency to pick top 5 (Council numbered off to split into two groups) Kim will assign those not present to a group.

Chairs’ to send Maureen their top 5 applications, Maureen will upload to box (Top 10 Folder) to allow both groups to view the others top 5 applications and send out link to the Council.

Two-hour meeting will be scheduled for Council to review for decision – Doodle Poll will be sent out from Maureen to schedule this meeting on October 22 or 23.