Call to order – Kim Obbink 

Update on Carnegie Classification

Carnegie Research, Under Graduate and Classification

Very rough first draft by end of January

Challenges are:

Infrastructure or institutionalization

Role and scope documents

URL’s with examples from a college and a department:


David Singel -Kim to keep in contact

Activity insight

Letters and Science- Jodi Sanford


Cody advised group of definition of scholarship located in the new faculty handbook, Retention, Tenure & Promotion, Definitions, Scholarship, 4th paragraph.  Research tied to engagement.

Update on Carnegie Community Engagement Application

Have identified 15 engagement projects:

February to fine tune and edit

March to finalize

Application is due April 15th

Notification of application will be January 2020, to the President.

Process has changed in that a questionnaire is sent directly to the partner, and the partner has to respond about their relationship and experience with the university.

Suggestions on how we want to spend our time in our next meetings

Review, brainstorm and update website:

Areas of Responsibility – re-word first bullet -example: “Coordinate campus-wide outreach and engagement efforts”.

Work on aligning with the strategic plan

Possibly creating a landing page for “About Service and Outreach” and include language of strategic plan. Cody to follow up on creating the “About” page.

News feed and tags – Julie to submit a ticket for “Outreach and Engagement” tag

Links-add awards 

Header bar of main page of MSU website, change “outreach” tab to another. Was originally titled “Service” 

First year New Faculty Orientation – a guest speaker could present to that group on how their Promotion and Tenure can be impacted by this council. Consider Leadership MSU, DEAL check with Marilyn Lockhart for training options? 

Council of Councils Meeting

If President Cruzado calls this meeting together, we need to think about ideas on what we would do and on how to present.

Celebration of Engagement for Seed Grants

Expand invitees to the faculty/staff winners of the Provost Award to talk about their work to expose what is happening

Discuss in Fall –Extension Open House combined with Seed Grant Celebration might be beneficial. Possible dates would be October 23rd or 24th.

Celebratory festivity once Carnegie Application is Submitted?

Next meeting is Thursday, February 28th at 1:30pm.