Call to order – Kim Obbink 

Thank you

Kim Obbink said job well done to Allison Reinhardt and Larissa Morales on the Council of Councils Meeting presentation 


Kim announced that Suzi Taylor has accepted the position of Director of the Science Math Resource Center in the Department of Education.

Update on Carnegie Community Engagement Application – Kim Obbink

Application has been submitted! Thank you to all involved with this process! Now the waiting begins :0(

Notification of application will be January 2020, to the President. 

Review on website update

Quick changes:


About Page

A thru Z

Outreach Tab – “Serving The People of Montana” changed to Outreach and Engagement

Creating a marketing/landing page (outward facing) “About Page” to include:

                  Sliders with nice imaging – may be a task for those members that are around this summer

                  Quote from the President

                  Quote from the strategic plan

Map that shows our breadth of engagement through the Extension Offices and other outreach efforts state wide.

Utilizing links to add awards and utilizing anchors 

Next meeting TBD