Mark Magee, Becky Mahurin, Carmen McSpadden, Kitty Saylor, Kim Obbink, Mo Moulchin 

Call to order – Kim Obbink 

Membership Terms - Kim Obbink

Reviewed the list of members and terms. There are 6 people who need to be replaced or reappointed. Kim will contact those whose terms are up.   We recognized the value of the students and Boardroom Bobcat participation on the council.  Carmen will look into identifying another Boardroom Bobcat for the council next year. 

Digital Badging (Mirco-Credentials) – Kim Obbink

Kim announced that MSU ATO has partnered with Credly, a solution suite for recognizing skills and capabilities—to provide digital badges on their Acclaim Platform. The badges will award achievement in select MSU non-credit courses and learning opportunities. Kim stated that 85% of 4-year institutions across the country are doing different levels/stages of micro credentials and digital badging. ATO will be doing pilot projects with creating badges around completing some king of set of skills. Objectives and learning goals would be tied to earning the badge. This is a way for individuals to document non-credit soft skills or other kinds of co-curricular activity, for those employers who are seeking out those individuals who have achieved certain skills. The badge can be tailored to any college/department to customize from their offerings. The fee from Credly for each badge is $6.00. The group discussed various possibilities for badging for outreach and engagement work.  It was identified as a possible tool for documenting O&E work for the next round of the Carnegie application and to recognize staff involved in outreach and engagement.  The group agreed to continue to discuss the possibilities.

Fall Agenda – All

It was agreed that the award/nomination and seed grant rfp process and timing would remain the same, as it seemed to work smoothly but is a lot of work for the council in the fall term

Mark noted that new members need to understand the time commitment – especially in the fall semester

It was suggested that a larger celebration (in January/February) be planned for the seed grant showcase and to celebrate the Carnegie announcement.

Thanks to everyone on the council for the time commitment and outstanding work this past year. 

Update from seed grants

It was suggested that we invite the seed grant recipients to the council meetings to present an update to the group. 

New Member Mini-Orientation

It was suggested that for new members to the council a mini-orientation (half hour) be held to educate the newest members of the council on what the Outreach & Engagement Council’s roles are, and how each department representative participates in the processes and duties.               

Next Meeting: 

There will be no meeting in July and August.  A Doodle poll will be sent to determine a fall meeting schedule for AY20 meetings starting in late August.