Kim Obbink

Jonathan Dove

Julian Collins

Stephanie Gray

Verena Lawrence

Cody Stone

Michael Fox

Jamie Cornish

Jen Raymond – Council Support

Call to order/approval of minutes

Chair Kim Obbink

Minutes approved

Welcome and introductions to new council member Verena Lawrence representing ASMSU.

 University Information Announcements

  • New award cycle for Carnegie Classification is 6 years – 2026 - which means the application will be due in spring of 2025. Previously the cycle was 10 years. Since the process takes 18 months plus to fulfill, it is advised by MSU President Cruzado to start the process early.
  • MSU is currently profiled as the only institution with all 3 very high research, high undergraduate and Carnegie Community Engagement classifications.

Action Items from Agenda

  • Time frame for 2020-21 RFP for seed grants.  All agreed with moving forward with moving the RFP up to the spring to give the recipients the full fiscal year to use their funding.
  • RFP deadline moved to Monday, May 18th at 5 p.m.
  • Talk at next meeting in March on when the RFP will be put out - Sometime in April
  • RFP decision made on recipients to be awarded by June 12th.
  • Email needs to be sent out defining the changeup to RFP. Send out end of March.
  • Funding will be available July 1st after awarded.
  • Funding is tied to the project, not the individual. They cannot keep applying with the same project. It must be a new project, but the same individual may reapply with a new project.
  • All members to review RFP and send Obbink/Raymond suggestions on changes they think need to be revised on the RFP.
  • This year the base budget for seed grants is $20k and Obbink put in a SIP proposal asking for another $20k which would give the Council a total of $40k base to award each year if approved.
  • Changes to RFP – Agreed by all that the RFP needs edited to include some type of table showing the metrics of participants (MSU Students – undergraduate & graduate, MSU faculty and staff directly and indirectly impacted, Underrepresented groups directly impacted and indirectly impacted). – Cornish, Raymond/Obbink to work on it next week and will share draft with committee.
  • Survey for outcomes of 2019-20 seed grants – interviews? See past survey attached. - (Obbink & Raymond to send out Survey Monkey for last year’s recipients to include specific metrics)

Member Feedback / Announcements

  • CATS Connect platform – recently rolled out to help keep students organized with service-learning projects and more. – Lawrence
  • Cody Stone shared a charge that he received from President Cruzado regarding a plan for addressing metrics and action in strategic plan items 3.2.2 and 3.2.3. This will require further discussion with the Council and with Chris Fastnow.
  • The CATS Connect platform for students would be a great way to keep track of projects that we are not aware of in other departments across campus. That would meet some of the Carnegie Classification criteria as well as the new strategic plan criteria. – Fox
  • NCUR week with slots for speakers a possibility to get Outreach and Engagement in there to speak like Christa Merzdorf, or another past recipient? All agreed this would be a great idea. Collins sent an email to Colin Shaw and will be working with Raymond to get someone in there to speak if there is a slot open.
  • Are Friday’s still a good day to meet for the Outreach and Engagement meetings? All agreed, yes, that Friday in the afternoon is still the best day to meet. - Obbink

Action Items from meeting

  • Draft survey for outcomes of 2019-2020 Seed grant recipients – Obbink/Raymond
  • Charge from President Cruzado – Stone, Obbink
  • RFP updates to include changes listed above- Obbink/Cornish/Raymond
  • Contact Colin Shaw to get a slot for past winner to speak at NCUR- Collins/Raymond
  • Email to go out defining the changeup to RFP out end of March.
  • RFP dates due moved up to Monday, May 18th at 5 p.m.
  • Talk at next meeting in March on when the RFP will be put out. Sometimes in April for sure.
  • RFP decision to be made on Recipients to be awarded by June 12th.
  • All members to review RFP and send Obbink/Raymond suggestions (if any) on changes they think need to be revised on the RFP in the next few days before Obbink/Cornish/Raymond meet to start the revision.

Next Meeting: March 13, 2020, 1:30 p.m. Barnard Hall 128