Kim Obbink

Jonathan Dove

Julie Kipfer

Christa Merzdorf

Verena Lawrence

Carmen McSpadden

Jen Raymond – Council Support

Jamie Cornish

Call to order/approval of minutes

  • Chair Kim Obbink
  • Minutes approved (March Minutes)
  • Note: Some members were in person and some were via WebEx.

 University Information Announcements

  • Council of Council Meeting on Wednesday, April 1st. We have a 15min opportunity to speak. It was unanimously agreed that a previous seed grant recipient would be invited to speak along with whomever represents the council, possibly Verena as the only student member left on the council? – Obbink
  • It was suggested that Obbink speak (3-5 bullet points) and finish with the seed proposal and here is what it looks like & how it made a difference. Here is how we engaged. Etc. spend 5min discussing bullets (2min on Carnegie). Spend 5min with seed grant recipient. Spend 5min possibly calling for proposals?? – McSpadden
  • Cats Connect- more from the Office of Student Engagement? No, nothing yet. Can use this to talk about tracking student engagement in pilot mode as they are using it. – McSpadden
  • Send out survey to past seed grant awardees through Survey Monkey. Get as many surveys out to the last 3yrs recipients that we can. What should be included in the survey? In the survey should be numbers. A way for people to fill in the boxes for number of faculty involved, number of students involved, number of external partners involved for more measurable metrics, measurable outcomes, lessons learned (anything they would do different or anything they learned from the project), listing any publications, presentations, press, websites (just a list of those), budget (their total amount spent and if they were able to garner any other resources) and if they had any other feedback. Short and simple. Use the participants table to send out in the survey in section XIII of the RFP. – Obbink
  • Cornish spoke about the changes made to the RFP after the last meeting. Section 9 added the participants table. See RFP. Simplified the locating of the impact numbers in the RFP without having to comb through the narrative.
  • Add a check box to the participants table form in section XIII showing if this is an existing project or a new one? Yes, agreed by all.
  • RFP blip going out early put out end of April around the 13th saying we’re switching our time frame up. RFP to be put out April 20th. RFP Submission deadline Thurs, May 28th. Announcements will be made June 22nd and money awarded July 1st even though the budget is essentially shut down in July to do year end accounting, they would still have the authority to spend the money July 1st. They would then have all the way until June 30th to spend it. All of this is dependent on how the world plays out with what is currently going on. - All
  • Have the recipient who did the health surveys (college of nursing) in the Latino community and spoke at President Cruzado’s church (Obbink will find out who that was) to possibly be the speaker at the Council of Council meeting. - Obbink
  • Unable to talk about the Strategic Plan, as Cody is not present to give an update. Cody and Kim did meet with Chris Fastnow, but Cody is currently handling it. They also would really like a sub-committee and that can include members from Outreach & Engagement, but they would also really like some faculty members involved in this because those metrics have a lot to do with faculty. If anyone has ideas or knows of anyone, they think might be a good suggestion for this sub-committee please let Obbink know - Obbink
  • Boardroom Bob Cats has two of the strategic plan goals that they have identified immediately. The Seed grants in general are going to feed into the strategic plan. (McSpadden)
  • How are we going to count and report on the metrics in the strategic plan that are tied to engagement? How will we get faculty to report and get that data? What are our recommendations to the planning council and eventually to the President’s Executive Council? That is where Cat’s Connect can play in. How do we track O & E projects across campus? - Obbink
  • How would you demonstrate and capture all the information that shows that community engagement is mutual and as a two-way conversation? – Cornish
  • Extension has a page in Activity Insight in every college and that may be another way to collect data if colleges can encourage their faculty to fill that in on Activity Insight. - Obbink

Action Items from Agenda

  • Time frame for 2020-21 RFP for seed grants.  All agreed with moving forward with moving the RFP up to the spring to give the recipients the full fiscal year to use their funding.

Member Feedback / Announcements

  • CATS Connect platform – recently rolled out to help keep students organized with service-learning projects and more. – Lawrence

Action Items from meeting

  • Reach out to the recipient of the seed grant who did the health surveys in the Latino community and spoke at President Cruzado’s church. -Obbink
  • Survey Monkey- Send to past seed grant recipients - Obbink, Raymond help?
  • Draft survey for outcomes of 2019-2020 Seed grant recipients – Obbink/Raymond
  • Add a check box to the budget form in section XIV showing if this is an existing project or a new one? – Raymond
  • RFP blip to (tentatively – dependent on how the Corona virus plays out and how it affects “University life”) go out early April 13th or so and say we’re switching our time frame up. RFP to be put out April 20th. RFP Submission deadline Thurs, May 28th. Announcements will be made June 22nd and money awarded July 1st


    Next Meeting: May 8th, 2020, 1:30 p.m. Barnard Hall 128/WebEx