Kim Obbink

Stephanie Gray

Kitty Saylor

Jen Raymond – Council Support

Jonathan Dove

Cody Stone

Christa Merzdorf

Julie Kipfer

Jamie Cornish

Carmen McSpadden


Call to order/approval of minutes

  • Chair Kim Obbink
  • Minutes approved - Dove

Action Items from Agenda

Survey for outcomes of 2019-20 seed grants – interviews? See past survey attached -Obbink

  • Obbink will ask for some of the completed seed grant projects to report how they were able to complete their projects considering all the setbacks, specifically asking how they creatively sought and ventured through other avenues to complete their projects.

Update on budget FY21 - Obbink

  • $20,000 is what we have for next fiscal year (2021) for Seed Grant Proposals to award from our fall budget. The $15k asked for in CIP proposals will not be possible to obtain in FY21. – Obbink
  • A number of seed grant recipients stated they were unable to finish their projects in the midst of Covid. The budget office said they are willing to consider extending past the fiscal year end for the recipients to use their money and complete their projects. – Obbink

Time frame for 2020-21 RFP for seed grants – Choose a new date (will need to be pushed back to fall semester) - Obbink

  • RFP announcement to go out in August. Date to be decided at July 10th -All
  • RFP to go out end of August to early September and due end of September. Dates to be decided at July meeting. - All

University Information & Announcements

  • The next Mountains and Minds issue that comes out in the fall, but it is going to be devoted to Covid-19 with stories from faculty, staff, about safety, ease in online learning, etc. – Kipfer

Member Feedback / Announcements

  • Cody still needs to have a conversation with Chris Fastnow. Regarding the Strategic Plan, this pandemic has put a hamper on some of the benchmarks in the two areas the Outreach & Engagement Council was charged with. There should be some flexibility there though. The first is identifying a structure by which community stake holders can contribute to the research & engagement agenda at the university. One was due by end of spring and one by fall. Cody Stone will need to visit with Chris before we can move forward. -Stone
  • Next for the Strategic Plan as working on inventory and developing plan for increased partnerships by 25% by the year 2024. In some ways that implies we have to know how many we currently have to be able to increase by 25%. -Stone
  • Reconstitution Report and Roadmap from Reconstitution committee released shows signs of moving in the right direction and provides more stability in how we are going to continue to move forward. - Stone
  • Chris Fastnow has some interesting data out of the faculty surveys that were sent out and some questions about Engagement. It would be interesting for the Council to hear. Might be good to invite her to a future meeting and talk a little about that. Engagement with the University, students, etc. – Obbink
  • Student Survey came out of Office of Planning and Analysis, same place the faculty one was put out from. Not clear where the final edits come from. Chris Fastnow is willing to share the outcomes of both surveys. Members agrees they would like to hear her speak about these. - Obbink
  • Standard Operating Procedure considerations. Sample copy provided to review and can be amended per Council members recommendations. Unanimously agreed by all members to use this as a template moving forward. – Obbink 

Action Items from meeting

  • Cody Stone will talk with Chris Fastnow and get back to the Outreach & Engagement Council when he has more information. He may not be able to find out more information until the retreat over the summer.
  • Reach out to last years seed grant recipients to see if they are willing to share their stories about how they have continued their outreach during Covid. – Obbink
  • After members send in their commentary and recommendations on the standard operating procedures template, Obbink and Raymond will edit and bring the draft to the next O & E meeting for review.

    Next Meeting: July 10, 2020, 1:30 p.m. Barnard Hall 128/Webex