Montana State University encourages commuters to save money, cut carbon emissions, and reduce impacts on roadways by utilizing available eco- friendly means of transportation to campus.

These include:

  • Biking: MSU is bicycle-friendly, which can be navigated quickly and safely. Bicycle registration is free and can be obtained at Parking Services. Registration can aid in the return of stolen or lost bicycles. In anticipation of inclement winter weather, bicyclists may purchase winter commuter vehicle permits. Bicycles may only be locked to bicycle racks. Failure to comply may result in bicycle impoundment.
  • Streamline Bus System: The Streamline Bus system runs to every corner of town 7 days a week and is an accessible, efficient, and free option to travel to and from campus. Streamline Bus commuters are brought directly to the Strand Union Building on campus. For available bus routes and stops, please visit the Streamline website at
  • Low-emission vehicles: Discounted parking permits are available to low-emission vehicles. Low-emission parking permits may only be shared between low-emission vehicles. Please contact Parking Services for more information and to verify if your vehicle qualifies.

For further information on sustainable transportation to campus, please visit the Office of Sustainability web page at