A PTD is defined as a device that is either motorized or non-motorized that provides transportation. Please read the Personal Transportation Device Policy and registration information before you use a PTD on campus.

Montana State University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any PTD, attached accessories, or contents at any time. However, PTD theft prevention information is available through the Montana State University Police Department.

  • PTDs offered for rent by outside vendors or commercial entities shall only be parked in designated areas signed for such use.
  • All other PTDs shall be parked in parking areas specifically provided for said PTD parking. Such parking areas may include but is not limited to bike racks, secure bicycle parking areas and bike lockers.
  • Parking a PTD in any manner which creates a hazard or impedes access will be subject to immediate impoundment.
    Many students on campus have disabilities which limit their hearing, vision, or mobility. They may not be able to see or hear your approach, or be able to quickly move out of the way of a speeding PTD. Their safety depends on your courtesy. Please bear this in mind when passing pedestrians. 


We encourage you to register your PTD with the University Police to help prevent theft and
increase the chance of recovery of your PTD if it is stolen. Registration is free.

  1. Complete a registration card at the MSU Police Department.
  2. Make sure you include the serial number so that your PTD can be traced.
  3. Registration stickers should be displayed on the device in plain sight.
  4. Registration of a PTD is not transferable to another PTD.

Theft Prevention

Here are some suggestions which may help you in preventing a theft of your PTD:

  • KEEP your PTD locked at all times. 
  • ALWAYS secure the PTD to a bike rack! If your PTD is not secured to a bike rack, all a thief has to do is pick it up and carry it away. This has happened before, don’t let it happen to you.

  • REGISTER your PTD with the MSU Police. This provides important information to help recover your PTD if it is stolen, and helps the police get it back to you if it is recovered.


Ride Safely

Tips for Road Safety:

  • Scan the road behind. Learn to look back over your shoulder without losing your balance. Always look back before changing lanes or changing positions within your lane.

  • Ride in a straight line whenever possible. Ride with the traffic. Keep to the right, but stay a car door-width away from parked cars.
  • Avoid road hazards. Watch out for parallel-slat sewer grates, slippery manhole covers, oily pavement, gravel, and ice. Cross railroad tracks and speed bumps carefully at right angles.
  • Choose the best way to turn left on a bicycle. There are two ways to make a left turn: 1) Like an auto, signal, move into the left lane, and turn left. 2) Like a pedestrian, head directly to the far-side crosswalk. Walk your bicycle across.
  • Obey traffic signs and signals. PTDs must behave like other vehicles if they are to be taken seriously by motorists.
  • Ride a well-equipped PTD. Always use a strong headlight and taillight at night and when visibility is poor. Be sure your bicycle is adjusted to fit you properly. For safety and efficiency, outfit it with bells, rear-view mirrors, fenders (for rainy rides), and racks, baskets or bicycle bags.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please call us at (406) 994-2121.