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  • 100.00  Introduction
  • 100.10    Purpose of Manual
  • 100.20    Process for Amending
  • 100.30    History

100.10 Purpose of Manual

The Montana State University-Bozeman Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual contains the policies and procedures which cover employees at MSU-Bozeman. Where a specific policy applies to a particular employment category, the application will be defined in the policy. Faculty employment policies are set forth in the Faculty Handbook; this manual supplements those policies and provides procedural guidance. Where there is a conflict with a collective bargaining agreement, the bargaining agreement will prevail.

The procedures contained in this manual are intended to serve as a guide for supervisors to follow when addressing employment-related situations for any employee of Montana State University-Bozeman. The policies contained in this manual will apply unless written exception has been granted, either as detailed in the specific policy or by approval of a written request submitted through the MSU-Bozeman Personnel Board to the Vice President of Administration.

100.20 Process for Amending

Recommendations for changes to this manual will be processed as follows:

A.     All proposals should be sent to the Director of Personnel and Payroll Services for coordination of review.

B.     All proposals will be reviewed by the Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee, Professional Council, and the MSU-Bozeman Personnel Board for review and comment prior to implementation. Proposals which affect sections of the Faculty Handbook will require review by Faculty Senate.

C.     All proposals will be submitted to MSU-Bozeman's legal counsel for review and modification.

D.     The proposal, with all comments received from the advisory committees and the Personnel Board as well as other interested parties, will be forwarded to the Vice President of Administration. The Vice President will decide whether to accept, reject, or modify the proposal, or whether to forward the proposal to the President and other Vice Presidents for further review.

E.      The Vice President of Administration may adopt an interim policy without review if necessary. The policy will remain an interim policy until reviewed and approved. Any interim policy will be submitted for review at the next meeting of the groups identified in paragraph B and will automatically expire six months after adoption if not reviewed and approved as outlined in this section.

Changes and new sections which have been approved by the Vice President of Administration will be published by Personnel and Payroll Services as an update to this manual.

100.30 History

Approved by Vice President for Administration on December 14, 1984. Revision approved by the Vice President for Administration on April 1, 1992.  This modification approved by the Vice President for Administration & Finance on November 29, 2001. 

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