Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Luparell, Susan Chair Nursing 1 6/25
Thorsen, Andreas Member Business 2 6/25
Young, Greg Member Arts & Architecture 1 6/27
Cloninger, Mary Member Letters & Science 1 6/27
Poole, Geoffrey Member Agriculture 1 6/26
Decker, Kalli Member Education & HHD 6/25
Cairns, Doug Member Engineering  2 6/25


Solicit and review nominations for the award of Honorary Doctorate degree, and submit recommendations of meritorious candidates for the consideration of the general faculty. No degree will be awarded without a favorable vote by the voting general faculty.


Fall, as required


Voting Members: One faculty member from each of the seven instructional colleges.

Length of Term

Faculty members serve three year, staggered terms

Appointed By

President, from nominations submitted by the Dean of each college, and approved by Faculty Council.


Current--Andreas Thorsen

Title--Assistant Professor, Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Appointed By--President

Length of Term--Three years, renewable

Advisory To


Reports Due

Recommendations are due by the end of December.

Honorary Doctorate Recipients

Year Name Doctorate Awarded
1933 William Bradly Freeman  Science
  Pliny Haine Hawkins  Science
1935                              Reno H. Sales  Science
  Milburn Lincoln Wilson  Science
1936                                 Robert Allen Cooley  Science
1944 Elizabeth Sterling Soule  Science
1948 Lindley Rathburn Durkee  Engineering
  William Lee Popham  Science
1950                             Russel Marion Pickens  Science
  Oris Vernon Wells  Science
1951                             Louis William Allard  Science
  William Glenn Sloan  Engineering
1952                             Herman Janes Almquist  Science
  John C. Taylor  Science
  Lysle Austin Wod  Engineering
1953                                Philip Vincent Cardon  Science
1954                                 Wallis Huidekoper  Laws
  G. Ott Romney  Laws
  Samual Mott Souders Jr.  Engineering
1955 Lester Cole  Laws
  William S. Edsall  Engineering
  Caroline McGill  Science
  Juan De G. Rodriguez  Laws
1956                             Arthur C. Ford  Engineering
  Robert B. Tootell  Laws
1957                                William Benton  Laws
  Gladys Branegan Chalkley  Science
  Chester Huntley  Laws
  August Leroy Strand  Laws
1958                                 Archibald Brown  Engineering
  D. P. Fabrick  Laws
1959                         Daniel A. Fulton  Science
  Dorothy M. Green  Letters
  George R. Milburn  Agriculture
1960                                Hadleigh Marsh  Laws
  Jack Ellis Haynes  Letters 
1961                               J. Hugo Aronson  Laws
  Fred A. Buck  Engineering
  Frank Heikklila  Engineering
  Jeannette Rankin  Laws
  Jessie D. Schultz  Letters
1962                                 Merle C. Gallagher  Laws
  Alma Smith Jacobs  Letters
  James W. Moore  Laws
  Emmet J. Riley  Laws
1963                                George Baker Cummins  Science
  Harriette E. Cushman  Agriculture
  Robert W. Shennum  Engineering
1964                                 James J. Byrne Engineering
  Norman J. Holter  Science
  George Lund  Agriculture
  Alexander Warden  Letters
1965                        Robert Noble  Engineering
  Alfred P. Thompson  Science
1966                                 Paschal Clay Gaines  Science
  Maurice R. Hilleman  Science
  Glen M. Kohls  Science
  Joseph S. Wright  Laws
1967                                Theodore Vern Buttrey  Letters
  Willard W. Cochrane  Laws
1968                              Herbert Branch Foote  Science
  Lester C. Hogan  Engineering
  John H. Morrison Sr.  Engineering
  Barney Old Coyote  Humane Letters
  Coit A. Suneson  Science
  Peter H. Voulkos  Humane Letters
1969                       Donald R. Bosley  Agriculture
  Roland R. Renne  Human Letters
1971                       U. S. Grant Sharp  Science
  Helen J. Souders  Science
1972                                James T. Bradbury  Science
  Michael J. Mansfield  Letters
  Robert T. Stevens  Laws
1973                                Merrill T. Burlingame  Humane Letters 
  Eugene L. Grant  Agriculture
  Burton K. Wheeler  Laws
1974                                 David Cochran  Engineering
  Carolina E. Demugica  Humane Letters
  Hal G. Stearns  Humane Letters
  Rua Van Horn  Letters
1975                               Wallace E. Fisher  Engineering
  Carl Kraenzel  Agriculture
  Anna Pearl Sherrick  Science
1976                                W. Norman Oswald  Engineering
  Katherine Roy  Letters
  Louis Smith  Science
  Elmer Starch  Agriculture
1977                  A. B. Guthrie  Letters
  William A. Johnstone  Education
  Maurice Kelso  Agriculture
  Mildred Leigh  Letters
  Carl Plumlee  Engineering
1978                                 Allan Grant Horticulture
  Julius Heuschkel  Engineering
  Donald Jackson  Science
  Lee  Metcalf Sen.  Laws Posthumous
  Bertha C. Olsen  Letters
  Frances Patten  Letters
1979                                James G. Cook  Science
  Earl Barlow  Humane Letters
  Isabel M. Haynes  Humane Letters
  Edward B. Craney  Publication Service
1980                                Melbourne L. Jackson  Engineering
  William L. Jellison  Science
  Norman F. MacLean  Letters
  Anne Zimmerman  Science
1981                                Henry E. Gardiner  Laws
  Leslie M. Heathcote  Letters
  Maxine C. Johnson  Business Administration
1982                              Sami Wafi Dajani  Science
  Richard Hugo  Letters
  Marjorie King  Education
  Frances Senska  Fine Arts
  Lester Thurlow  Humane Letters
1983                                 John M. Opitz  Science
  Christopher W. Parkening  Music
  Henry A. True Jr.  Engineering
  Leland J. Walker  Engineering
1984                                Ivan Doig  Letters
  Richard G. Gray  Science
  George W. Noe  Engineering
1985                               Phillip D. Pallister  Science
  Beatrice R. Taylor  Business Administration
  James C. Taylor  Business Administration
1986                                 Leroy E. Hood  Science
  Malcolm Long  Engineering
  Donald E. Losee  Science
  Allan J. McDonald  Engineering
1987                                Frank Dunkle  Science
  Carol A. Lindeman  Nursing Science
  Wallace Stegner  Letters
1988                                Loren W. Acton  Science
  Alberta Bair  Humane Letter
  Malcolm S. Knowles  Education
  Jack Waddell  Engineering
1989                                Roy E. Huffman  Agriculture
  David B. Orser  Business
1990                               Gil Alexander  Science
  Willy Burgdorfer  Science
  Jo Eleanor Elliott  Nursing Science
1991                                 Norman W. Hollow Business
  Joe Sample  Fine Arts
  Mariam Sample  Fine Arts
  Kenneth E. Tait  Engineering
1992                              Margaret Kingsland  Humanities
  Joseph P. McDonald  Education
  Paul Schmechel  Engineering
  Irving L. Weissman  Science
1993                                 Joan Hoff  Letters
  Charles Kuralt  Media
  Thomas McGuane  Letters
  Ray Woodward  Agriculture
  Robert C. Mathis  Engineering
  Dale Hougardy  Engineering
  A. T. Kersich  Engineering 
  David Lee Engineering 
1994                                John C. Ewers Letters
  Roy M. Schwarz  Science
  R. E. Ted Turner  Business
  Edward Wheeler  Letters
1995                               Gennie Deweese  Fine Arts
  John Schutter  Agriculture
  Melvin Pervais  Engineering
  Robert J. Sletten  Engineering
  Seiichi Uzarahashi  Business
1996                           Torlief Aasheim  Agriculture
  Francis & Venus Bardanouve  Letters & Science
  Susan Scott Heyneman  Letters & Science
  George Horse Capture  Letters & Science
1997                            Marcia Hollandsworth  Agriculture
  Bud Leuthold  Agriculture
  John Morrison  Engineering
  Paul Schullary  Letters
1998                                 Deborah Butterfield  Arts
  Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk  Engineering
  Virginia Martin  Arts
  David T. Mitchell  
  Eugene B. Thayer  Agriculture
  Robert Redford  Arts
1999                                  Tom Brokaw History & Philosophy
  Elise Donahue  Letters & Science
  Eric Feaver  EHHD
  Patrick Hughes  Business and Engineering
2000                                 David Kem  Engineering
  David Quammen  Letters
2001                                Klein Gilhousen  Engineering
  Walen F. "Bud" Lilly  Science
  James Welch  Letters
2002                               Elouise Cobell  Letters
  Stuart Conner  Letters
  Whitney MacMillan  Letters
  Mary Munger  Nursing
2003                               Philip Beaumont, Sr  Education
  Dorothy Eck  Letters
  Ralph Hutcheson  Science
  Robert Rodgers  Engineering
2004                                 Norman Asbjornson  
  Michael Frisina  Agriculture
  Michael Stickney  Science
2005                                Jim Christianson   Agriculture
  Joel Long  Engineering
  Volney Steele  Science
2006                                Buck Brannaman  Agriculture
  Jonathan Foote  Arts (Architecture)
2007                                 James F Alderson  Business
  Greg Richard Gianforte  Computer Science
  Adrienne Mayor  Letters
  John D Varley  Science
2008                               Jack R Anderson  Arts
  Greg Mortenson  Letters
  Alma Hogan Snell  Letters
  Timothy M Swager  Science
2009                                Carole Falcon-Chandler  Education
  George Keremedjiev  Computer Science
2010 Willis Wetstein Engineering
2011 Tim Barnard Engineering
2012 (Fall) Robert Pirsig Letters
2012 (Spring) Jake Jabs Business
2013 (Spring) Diana Eck  Religious Studies
2013 (Spring) Helene Michael Engineering
2013 (Fall) Philip Aaberg Music
2014 (Spring) Donna Shalala Nursing
2014 (Spring) Lee Whittlesey History  
2014 (Fall) Brooke Anderson Letters
2015 (Spring) Bob Lee Science
2015 (Fall) Michael McFaul Letters
2016 (Spring) Jean Sweeney Engineering
  Will Weaver Education
2016 (Fall) John Heminway Arts
2017 (Spring) Paul Melvin Arts
2017 (Fall) Dan Wenk Letters
2018 (Spring) Bill Pullman Arts
  Martin Goldsmith Arts
2018 (Fall) Lynette Stein Chandler Letters

2019 (Spring)                    

Sheila Stearns                    Humane Letters

2019 (Fall)                      

Mike Clark                            Humane Letters

2021 (Spring)

William Tietz Humane Letters


Todd Garrison Humane Letters

2021 (Fall)

Taylor Brown Humane Letters

2022 (Spring)

Judge Sidney Thomas Humane Letters


Chuck Johnson Humane Letters

2022 (Fall)

Alexander E. MacDonald Humane Letters

2023 (Spring)

Carol Glenn Lalani Arts


Robyn Jones Humane Letters

2023 (Fall) 

Erik Funk Arts