field team

2007-2008 Polar Night Field Team
(Left to right: Dr. Jackie Parry, Tristy Vick, Chris Kannen(artist), Suni Shaw, Marie Sabacka, Dr. Jill Mikucki, Karen Cozetto, Dr. Michael Lizotte, Dr. John Priscu, Amy Chiuchiolo, Rob VanTreese, Chao Tang, Dr. Jill Thurman, Eric Bottos, Dr. Ellie Bell, Anna Bramucci, Phil Lee)


Project Summary
Data Collected
Polar Night Photos
PI Meeting 26-28 Feb 2009, MSU

Extended season Dry Valleys POLAR-PALOOZA video: (POLAR-PALOOZA is a multimedia initiative - supported by both NSF and NASA)

SCAR EBA (Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic) October 2008 Newsletter Article about Extended Season by John Priscu - Page 3