Polar Night PI Meeting Agenda 
26-28 February 2009
Montana State University

26 Feb(click on a speakers name for a pdf of their talk)

Morning session (10:00-12:00): PI presentations (20-25 min w/5-10 min discussion)
10:00 General Introduction and Limnology data, John Priscu
10:30 Mike Lizotte
11:00 Rachael Morgan-Kiss
11:30 Jill Mikucki
12:00 Discussion
Afternoon session (2:00-5:00): Priscu lab presentations (15-20 min w/5-10 min discussion)
2:00 Amy Chiuchiolo - Limnology data
2:20 Tristy Vick - Microbial dynamics in lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys during the transition to Polar Night
2:40 Marie Sabacka - Spatial distribution and aeolian dispersal of microorganisms in the Dry Valleys
3-5 Open discussion, paper planning sessions etc.