Name Position Represents
Anderson, Rachel Chair Academic Affairs
Dougher, Tracy Administration Agriculture
Adams, Dean Administration Arts & Architecture
Leary, Myleen Administration Business
Harmon, Alison Administration Education & HHD
Amin, Ruhul Faculty Engineering
Maki, Sarah Administration Gallatin College
Larsen, Ron Administration Graduate School
Schultz, Logan Administration Honors College
Thorsen, Maggie Faculty Letters & Science
Eitle, David Administration Letters & Science
Peters, Martha Faculty Nursing
Godwin, Ian Administration Planning and Analysis

Length of Term

Administration: Term of office

Faculty: One year, renewable

Appointed By

Administration: By position

Faculty: Respective committees


Current: Rachel Anderson

Title: Interim Assistant Provost

Appointed By: Provost

Length of Term: Term of office

Advisory To

Office of the Provost

Reports Due

As required by the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.