The Assessment and Outcomes Committee leads and facilitates authentic assessment for all undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The committee reviews Annual Program Assessments that provide the strong foundation upon which Montana State University develops, identifies, and documents quality improvement plans and goals including providing the institutional reporting associated with the strategic planning objectives.


Monitor the development, evaluation, and reporting of a university-wide process to assess student learning in undergraduate and graduate degree programs through departmental collaboration, resulting in meaningful assessment and programmatic improvements.

Areas of Responsibility

The AOC is responsible for the following:

  • The evaluation of annual program assessment documents
  • Design format for program assessments documents to include an evaluation of:
    1. Programs (inclusion of majors, minors and certificates)
    2. Program outcomes
    3. Program assessment
    4. Recommendations and planning for program improvement
    5. Actions taken since last program assessment
  • The review of Program Assessment Plans
  • Scheduling of program assessment activities
  • Creating program assessment summaries
  • Providing feedback summaries to inform departments and institutional reporting associated with strategic planning objectives
  • Archival support for assessment plans and reports


AOC meeting cycles vary according to the workload. Program Assessments are due annually by October 15th. The Committee meets every other week during the Fall Semester to review assessment reports. Fall semester meetings focus on preparing for providing feedback to the annual cycle of submitted program assessment reports. Committee responses are due mid-January. Spring semester meetings focus on revising assessment reporting templates, feedback rubrics, reviewing policy and processes, and providing feedback to the Assistant Provost related to training and support planning. The Committee meets 1-2 times per month during the Spring semester (January-May) depending on need.


  • Administrative Representation from the Colleges of:
    • Agriculture
    • Arts & Architecture
    • Business
    • Education & HHD
    • Engineering
    • Gallatin College
    • Letters & Science
    • Nursing
    • Honors
    • Graduate School
  • Academic Affairs
  • Faculty Senate
  • Office of Planning & Analysis

All members are Voting Ex Officio Members, with the exception of Representatives from Faculty Senate, Office of Planning and Analysis.