Program assessment involves establishing program learning outcomes, and assessing student performance for each outcome. Program assessment is described in each department's Assessment Plan, which include outcomes, threshold values, curriculum maps, and assessment schedules.


The purpose of assessment in higher education:

Assessment is good educational practice because it demonstrates what is going on in the classroom, and provides data on improving our programs through continual monitoring of student learning. The steps of assessment include:

  1. Define what we expect our students to learn (learning outcomes)
  2. Assess if learning outcomes are being achieved
  3. Respond to assessment
  4. Integrating results toward continued quality improvements

At Montana State university, assessment of student learning is governed by the Student Outcomes Assessment Policy and directed by the Assessment and Outcomes Committee, and Core 2.0 Curriculum Committee.

Assessment Report Templates

All undergraduate academic programs at Montana State University are required to submit a report on the previous year's assessment activities annually, and biennially for graduate programs. (see assessment cycle below) The annual reports are due on September 15th each year. Please submit Assessment Reports to

Submitted Assessment Reports

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