Researchers, Adjuncts & Affiliates


Cory Counts


Intersectionality between Biology, Psychology, and environmental circumstances in Health related outcomes

   Traphagen 418
   [email protected]

Barbara Drescher


   Traphagen Hall 312 
   [email protected]
Shawna  Heiser

Dr. Shawna Heiser

Senior Lecturer

Working with Children, Families and Professionals in Positive Support.

   Traphagen Hall 308
   (406) 994-4931
   [email protected]

Kate Kujawa


 Behavioral Neuscience, Behavioral Psychology, Educational Psychology

   Traphagen 414
   [email protected]
Frank  Marchak

Dr. Frank Marchak

Teaching Professor

Cognitive Psychophysiology, Research Design and Analysis

   Traphagen Hall 309
   (406) 994-6921
   [email protected]
Jessica Millimen | Walden University

Dr. Jessica Millimen

Ph.D. 2017, Walden University
    Traphagen Hall 303
   (406) 994-3819
   [email protected]
Greg Neimeyer

Dr. Greg Neimeyer

Ph.D. 1982, University of Notre Dame
   Online only
   [email protected]
Mariana Olsen

Dr. Mariana Olsen

Ph.D. 2018, Montana State University
   Traphagen Hall 311 
    (406) 994-3819
    [email protected]
Nick Soderstrom

Dr. Nick Soderstrom

Ph.D. 2012 Colorado State University
   Traphagen Hall 312
    (406) 994-3819
   [email protected]



Grant Carroll

Academic Services Coordinator

   Traphagen Hall 325
   (406) 994-6052
   [email protected]

Lori Miller

Business Operations Manager

   Traphagen Hall 325
   (406) 994-3801
   [email protected]


Retired Faculty

block picture

Richard Block

Emeritus Professor, MSU

Ph.D. 1973, University of Oregon

MSU Psychology Professor (1974-2015)

Department Head: 1986-1993; 2005-2009. 


lynch picture

Wesley Lynch

Emeritus Professor, MSU

Ph.D. 1971, University of New Mexico

MSU Psychology Professor (1980-2016)

Department Head: 1993-1998; 2004. 

Moore picture

Colleen Moore

MSU Psychology Department Head: 2011-2014


Bill Whitford

Fred Whitford

MSU Psychology Instructor(1980-1993)

MSU Assistant Teaching Professor (1993-2012)



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