• You may add courses until the 5th day and drop courses until the 10th day of classes in MyInfo.
  • To add courses after the 5th or to drop after the 10th day of classes, fill out an Add/Drop form, and obtain signatures from both the instructor of the course and your faculty advisor or Meredith in the Psychology Main Office (Traphagen 319). Then turn it into the Registrar’s Office.
  • Classes dropped after the 10th day of classes will be graded "W."
  • The signature of the Academic College Dean is required if adding after the 10th class day or if dropping after the official withdrawal deadline.
  • If you are a collegiate athlete you must also obtain your athletic advisor’s signature.

Current Students:  Here you can find a list of your faculty advisors’ offices, emails, and office hours. This information is also posted outside the Psychology Main Office (Traphagen 319).  

New Students: The College of Letters and Science Social Sciences Advisor, Katie Gahagen, located in the CLS Academic Advising Center in Wilson Hall 1-106 is the primary contact.  You can reach her at [email protected].

Log into MyInfo , and click on “Student Services.” Then click on DegreeWorks, which has your academic advisor listed in the top left in the “Student View" block. Within MyInfo under the ‘Student Services’ tab there is also a ‘Show My Advisor’ link at the bottom.

You can also visit our webpage on Psychology Advising for more information.

Tentative class lists can be found in MyInfo under “Schedule of Classes- find CRN here;” select the semester of concern and proper rubric to see the tentative class list. However, this information may be subject to change.

Visit the Psychology Main Office in Traphagen Hall room 319, or see our Psychology Advising webpage.

On DegreeWorks. If you have multiple majors/degrees, there are separate GPA blocks for each one. Also if you have multiple minors there are individual GPA blocks as well.

Go to MyInfo and click on the “Transfer Equivalencies” link on the first page before you log in. Complete the drop-down requests and you will get a list of transfer credits. However, the list is not all encompassing since there are many institutions/courses. If your courses are not listed, they can still be considered by MSU through the normal course transfer process. Please contact Admissions for more information.

It may be before your appointed day/time to register, there may be major/minor restrictions as well as prerequisites for the course(s), or you may have holds on your account. Check the course listing information for prerequisites. If the course listing says "Consent of Instructor," you will need permission from the instructor or department to register for the course. Go to Traphagen 319 for assistance in registering for Psychology courses. If you have a registration hold on your account, log in to My Info and go to the Student Services tab, then Student Records to View your Holds. Contact the appropriate office to find out how to have the hold removed. Common holds include: medical fees, unpaid tickets or bills, immunization records, etc.

  • All students must be advised before receiving their Registration PIN. Contact your Advisor directly to set up an Advising Appointment, where you will discuss degree requirements and what classes you plan on taking in the next semester. Your Advisor will give you your PIN during this meeting.
  • If you lost your PIN, first check the Notes section of your DegreeWorks account.  If you don't see it there 24 hours after your appointment, contact the Psychology Main Office in Traphagen 319.
  • Undergraduate research, PSYX 490R, is an opportunity to participate in active research in many different labs. Participation can range from overseeing experiments, data entry/coding, or experimental design.  The prerequisite is PSYX 225 (Research Design & Analysis).  
  • Field Practicum gives psychology majors direct experience in applied settings relevant to psychology. For those students who do not plan to engage in laboratory research, PSYX 490R, this course also provides a beginning basis for further work leading to completion of Senior Thesis, PSYX 499R.  The prerequisite is PSYX 225 (Research Design & Analysis).  Three (3) credits are equivalent to nine (9) hours of work per week to be completed throughout the semester, in addition to other course requirements.

The Department of Psychology site has a list of current research labs. Find one that interests you and contact the professor to see if they are accepting students. Students can also earn PSYX 490R credit(s) by working in a research lab.

A double major requires 120 credits and one diploma is earned for the primary major listed. A dual degree requires 150 credits and/or departmental requirements, an additional 9 upper division credits, and you receive two diplomas.

Change of curriculum forms can be found online or stop by the Psychology Main Office in Traphagen 319. 

Students graduating in the Spring must complete an Application for Baccalaureate Degree and submit it to the Registrar's Office by October 1st of the preceding Fall Semester. Students graduating in the Summer or Fall must file this form with the Registrar's Office by March 1st of the preceding Spring Semester. Former students, who are graduating the semester of their return, must file this form with the Registrar's Office by the 15th semester day of their current semester.  You will need to separately fill out an Application for a Minor or an Application for a Second Major if those pertain to you. All of the above graduation forms can also be found in the Psychology Main Office in Trapahagen 319.