If you are new to our department (freshman, transfer student, change of major) you will meet with Jeffrey Nelson, the Social Sciences Academic Advisor. You can schedule an appointment with Jeffrey here. 

As a new student in our department, your Academic Advisor will be Jeffrey Nelson for your freshman and sophomore years. After the completion of your second year, you will be assigned to a Faculty Advisor based on your last name, using the system below. Your Advisor is able to help you with a variety of issues, such as course scheduling, degree requirements, class registration, graduation, career advising, and can provide information on potential Graduate Schools. To make an appointment with your Advisor, please contact them directly. If your assigned advisor is unavailable, you may contact another advisor for assistance.

Faculty Contact Information and Office Hours:

Student Last Name Begins With: Faculty Advisor (link to email): Office Office Hours (Fall 2021):
A - B Dr. Michael Babcock TRAP 226E Schedule or email
C - E Dr. Ian Handley TRAP 322 Schedule or email
F - G Dr. Neha John-Henderson TRAP 313 Email for Appointment
H - J Dr. Michelle Meade AJM 207 Email for Appointment
K - L Dr. Brandon Scott TRAP 428D MW 12:30-2pm
Schedule Here
M Dr. Monica Skewes TRAP 320 F 2:30-3:30pm or F 11am-12pm Schedule Here
N - Q Dr. Keith Hutchison AJM 221 Schedule or email
R - S Dr. Benjamin Oosterhoff TRAP 428C Th 2-4 PM via WebEx. Schedule Here
T - Z Dr. Cara Palmer AJM213 Email for appointment W 11am-1pm

Plan your curriculum

Meeting regularly with a psychology advisor before each registration period is important to ensure you understand your graduation timeline and are able to successfully complete your major. Keep in mind that the required courses for our major are pre-requisites for the next required course (see graphic below). Students tranferring in or changing their major to psychology without any of these courses should therefore expect AT LEAST five terms to complete the required course progression. Psychology students are required to receive a "C" or better grade in their coursework.


Graphic illustrating the curriculum progression from PSYX 100 to PSYX 222 to PSYX 225 to PSYX 490R or 495 to PSYX 499R

You can find the complete curriculum at the links below:

PSYX 490R: Undergraduate Research

Student have a chance to engage in one of our faculty research labs.

PSYX 495: Field Practicum

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