Jesse Bengson (M.S. 2005; Ph.D. UC Davis, 2011). Visiting professor at Bates College.

Frank Bosco (M.S. 2005; Ph.D. University of Memphis, 2011). Assistant Professor at Virginia Commenwealth University.

Justin Goss (M.S. 2006; Ph.D. Univ. of Texas, El Paso, 2013). Assistant Professor at University of Colorado, Pueblo.

Mark Huff (M.S. 2009; Ph.D. University of Calgary, 2013). Assistant Professor at University of Southern Mississippi.

Ann Lambert (M.S. 2006; Ph.D. University of Utah, 2011). Post-doc at University of Virginia.

Keith Leavitt (M.S. 2001; Ph.D. U. Washington, 2009). Assistant Professor at Oregon State University.

Julie Maertens (M.S. 2006; Ph.D. Colorado State, 2011). Research and Evaluation Program Mananger, Colorado State University.

Kristina Rand (M.S. 2009; Ph.D. University of Utah, 2014).

Aaron Richmond (M.S. 2002; Ph.D. U. of Nevada, 2006). Associate Professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Zack Shipstead (M.S. 2006; Ph.D. Georgia Tech, 2011). Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, West Campus.


Chad Moffitt (M.S. 2013). Ph.D. candidate, University of Utah.

Meg Huntoon (M.S. 2013). Ph.D. candidate, University of Northern Illinios.

Andrew Rivers (M.S. 2013). Ph.D. candidate, U.C. Davis.

Lauren Hawthorne (M.S. 2011). Ph.D. candidate, University of Maine

Bridget Clement (M.S. 2010). Ph.D. candidate, Victoria University, Wellington NZ.

Jill Wagaman (Allen) (M.S. 2009). Ph.D. candidate, University of Nebraska

Barbara Cooper (M.S. 2008). Ph.D. candidate, Gallaudet University

Katie Coombs (M.S. 2007). Ph.D. candidate, University of Arizona.

Christy Weeden (M.S. 2007). Ph.D. candidate, University of Utah.


Alberts, Amy (M.S. 2000). Thesis: "Eye movement measures of semantic priming." Current employment: Usability engineer, Microsoft Corp. (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander)

Bengson, Jesse (M.S. 2005). Ph.D. student at the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, DavisThesis: (Advisor: Keith Hutchison) 

Bosco, Frank (M.S. 2005). Ph.D. student in business at the University of Memphis (Advisor: Rick Block)  

Betzen, Nathan (M.S. 2005).Thesis: The Dual Process Model of Stereotyping: Using Social Cognitive Research to Reduce Bias in the Workplace with an Emphasis in Gender Stereotyping. (Advisor: Mike Babcock).

Boyle, Josh (M.S. 2002). Thesis: "Relationship between gender, gender-related characteristics, and perceived job stress among university employees." (Advisor: Wes Lynch)

Broberg, Brandee (M.S. 2001). Thesis: "Dissolved hierarchical workplace romances: Effects of supervisor-subordinate reporting relation, romance type, and source of communication of romance motives on responses to a sexual harassment complaint." Current employment: Manager, college & military recruiting, T-Mobile. (Advisor: Chuck Pierce)

Carter, Brett (M.S. 2008). Thesis: When does ostracism decrease self-regulation?(Advisor: Wes Lynch).  Current Employer: Research Analyst at State of Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Coombs, Katie (M.S. 2007). Currently Ph.D. student, University of Arizona.(Advisor: Mike Babcock).

Crawford, Kevin (M.S. 2006).(Advisor: Rick Block)

Dood, Tiffany (M.S. 2007). (Advisor: Ian Handley)

Evans, Dave (M.S. 2002). Thesis: "Using a source monitoring technique to reduce the effects of performance expectations on work behavior ratings." Current employment: HR survey specialist, Mountain States Employers Council. (Advisor: Rich Martell)

Everingham, Andrea (M.S. 1997). Thesis: "The effects of baclofen on CaM kinase following ischemia." Current employment: Family advocate, Headstart. (Advisor: Mike Babcock)

Frith, Janet (M.S. 1999). Professional paper: "HIV/AIDS prevention for Deaf adolescents: An international conference." Current employment: School nurse. (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander)

Gasde, Irene (M.S. 1997). Thesis: "Cult experience: Abuse, psychological distress, close relationships, and personality characteristics." (Advisor: Rick Block)

Goss, Justin (M.S. 2006). Thesis:

Hartman, Heather. (Ph.D.) Accepted into Neuroscience Graduate program at University of Utah (completed 1 year in our program). (Advisor: Mike Babcock)

Hall, Robin (M.S. 1996). Professional paper: "Culture's consequences: Are cultural values and punishment related?" (Advisor: Rick Block)

Heiser, Shawna (M.S. 1997). Professional paper: "Early intervention for children and families with pervasive developmental disorders: A comprehensive guide for families and caregivers." Current employment: Behavioral Consultant, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Applied Behavioral Analyst Specialist; Adjunct Instructor of Psychology, Montana State University. (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander)

Hinton, Maria (M.S. 2003). Thesis: "Disturbed eating attitudes as predictors of coping processes and macronutrient preferences in undergraduate females under stress." Current employment: LC Staffing Service. (Advisor: Wes Lynch)

Hobson, Jennifer (M.S. 2005). (Advisor: Rick Block)

Hoopes, Barry (M.S. 2002). Thesis: "Antisense oligonucleotide inhibition of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II and working memory deficits in the gerbil." Current employment: Psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, Access Point Family Services. (Advisor: Mike Babcock)

Jessen, Paul (M.S. 2005). (Advisor: Jennifer Boldry & Chuck Pierce)

Johnson, Amy (M.S. 2002). Thesis: "Associative morphine tolerance in the rat:  A meta-analytic review."  Current employment: General studies advisor & instructor, Montana State University. (Advisor: Wes Lynch)

Keith, Michelle (M.S. 1996). Professional paper: "Personality testing as an employment technique for a manufacturing corporation." (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander)

King, Brian (M.S. 1998). Professional paper: "Home injury prevention strategies and program assessment." Current employment: Organizational Consultant, ACKCO. (Advisor: Rick Block)

Kirby, Shannon (M.S. 2003). Thesis: "Can touch-related adjectives be concrete or abstract in a memory task?"  (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander).

Kirmis, Nathan (M.S. 2004). Thesis: "Consequences of perceived group variability: Hostile outgroup behaviors". Current employment: Director of Operations, Ring Marketing.  (Advisor: Jennifer Boldry)

Koster, Mike (M.S. 2005). (Advisor: Rick Block)

Lambert, Ann (M.S. 2006) Ph.D. student at the University of Utah. (Advisor: Keith Hutchison)

Leavitt, Keith (M.S. 2001). Thesis: "Reducing the performance cue bias in work behavior ratings: Do groups help or hurt?" Current employment: Doctoral student, PhD program in management, University of Washington.  (Advisor: Rich Martell)

Livingood, Louise (M.S. 2005). (Advisor: Rick Block)

Maertens, Julie (M.S. 2006). (Advisor: Wes Lynch). Accepted into Ph.D. program at Colorado State University.

Makumbe, Margaret (M.S. 2008). Thesis: "Different encoding strategies affect retrieval of information in collaborative groups." Current position: Occupational Therapist at St. Coletta of greater Washington (Advisor: Michelle Meade).

Mayer, Mara (M.S. 1998). Thesis: "Fear of victimization among college students in Bozeman, Montana." Current position: Law student, University of Michigan. (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander)

McClure, Jamie (M.S. 2002). Thesis: "Dissolved hierarchical workplace romances: Effects of illicitness of the romance, existence of a workplace romance policy, and type of harassing behavior on responses to a sexual harassment complaint." Current employment: Recruiting specialist, Jim Palmer Trucking. (Advisor: Chuck Pierce)

McNeill, Damon (M.S. 2007). Ph.D. student, University of Alberta (Advisor: Mike Babcock)

Meeks, Dakota (M.S. 2000). Thesis: "Native American women and AIDS-preventive behavior: A test of the information-motivation-behavioral skills model." Current employment: Catalyst Consulting. (Advisor: Chuck Pierce)

Moody, Annie (M.S. 2005). (Advisor: Rich Martell)  

Moore, Joann (M.S. 2003). Thesis: "Predicting intergroup attitudes from locus of control: The mediating role of information processing." Current employment: TBA.  (Advisor: Jennifer Boldry)

Murdoch, Latona (Toni) (M.S. 1997). Thesis: "The influence of object properties in haptic memory." Current employment: Research Associate, Scripps Gerontology Center, Miami University. (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander)

Pham, Ly-Minh (M.S. 2002). Professional paper: "Self-regulating model of workplace stress." Current employment: McSearch, Preferred Personnel Consultants. (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander)

Richmond, Aaron (M.S. 2002). Thesis: "Beyond rational judgment: A test of the affect heuristic hypothesis." Current employment: Research Assistant & Doctoral Student, College of Education, Educational Psychology program, University of Nevada-Reno. (Advisor: Rick Block)

Richmond, Amanda (M.S. 2002). Professional paper: Critique of the theory of planned behavior in the context of environmental education programs."  Current employment: Projects & Grants Management Specialist, Business Environmental Program, University of Nevada-Reno. (Advisor: Chuck Pierce)

Roote, Brian (B.S. 2004, Georgia State University). Accepted to Ph.D. program and left our program.

Russo, Kelly (M.S. 2003). Thesis: An Organizational Behavior approach to Early Intervention of At-Risk Youth: a Guide to Creative Community. (Advisor: Mike Babcock).

Sanddal, Nels (M.S. 1996). Thesis: "Native American suicide deaths in Montana: 1989-1992." Current employment: President & CEO, Critical Illness and Trauma Foundation. (Advisor: Lee Stadtlander) (E-mail:[email protected]) (Critical Illness and Trauma Foundation -- Home Page)

Schneider, Laura (M.S. 1998). Thesis: "Factors that predict propensity to use an employee assistance program." Current employment: HR Developer, State of Michigan, Child Welfare Institute. (Advisor: Chuck Pierce)

Schwartz, Elizabeth (M.S. 2005). Current employment: RightNow Technology (Advisor: Mike Babcock)

Severn, Elizabeth (M.S. 1996). Professional paper: "Breeding behavior and the effects of recreational activities on the bald eagle." Current employment: Owner, B&B ski lodge. (Advisor: Wes Lynch)

Shipstead, Zachary (M.S. 2007). Ph.D. student Georgia Tech University (Advisor: Keith Hutchison)

Shively, Matt (M.S. 2007). (Advisor: Rick Block) Ph.D. student at Wright State

Taylor, Stacie (M.S. 1999). Professional paper: "A framework for proactively managing sexual harassment in organizations." Current employment: HR consultant, MacKenzie Northwest. (Advisor: Chuck Pierce)

Weeden, Christy (M.S. 2007). (Advisor: Mike Babcock)

Numerous students from our undergraduate and graduate programs have been accepted into PhD programs at universities such as Akron, Bowling Green, Colorado, Columbia, Minnesota, Nevada-Reno, Northern Illinois, Oklahoma, Oregon, Purdue, Syracuse, Texas A&M, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.