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Graduate student tuition information can be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office at (406) 994-4145. MSU offers several forms of financial aid for graduate students, including fellowships, scholarships and departmental assistantships. Individuals interested in applying for graduate student loans should contact the Financial Aid Office at (406) 994-2845.

Each year the psychology department offers a limited number of graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs). Students who are awarded a GTA typically teach recitation sections of Introductory Psychology (PSYX 100IS) or assist with an upper-division psychology course. The assistantships pay a monthly stipend and usually include a partial or full tuition waiver. Individuals interested in receiving a GTA should submit a letter of interest and qualifications along with the program's main application. During a typical academic year, we anticipate supporting twelve graduate students with GTA’s.

For more information about Graduate Assistantships, please visit The Graduate School's

Depending upon the availability of grant money, faculty can provide funding for part-time graduate research assistants via graduate research assistantships (GRAs). These positions typically require previous research experience and knowledge of data collection and analysis.