The Stress, Adversity, Resilience and Health (SARAH) lab was developed in 2016 by Dr. John-Henderson. The research in the lab focuses on understanding how psychosocial experiences across the life-span affect health and disease. We utilize multiple methods and measures to understand how the outside world affects health behaviors, physiological outcomes, and consequently health. Among other measures and approaches, we use Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA), behavioral immunology, actigraphy derived measures of sleep-wake cycles and physical activity, ambulatory blood pressure and measurement of subclinical markers of cardiovascular disease. Our hope is that the findings from our research elucidate pathways that promote both risk and resilience, particularly for vulnerable populations. 

Dr Neha John Henderson

Dr. Neha John-Henderson

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology

Traphagen 305
[email protected]



If you have any questions about the SARAH lab or any of the past or ongoing research please contact Dr. John-Henderson at [email protected]

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