Note: As of Fall 2009, all Psychology courses in the Montana University System will be listed as PSYX, and some of the course numbers will change.

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This is a synopsis of information for college students who wish to transfer to MSU and become a Psychology major. To graduate from MSU with a B.S. degree in Psychology, you must meet all MSU requirements, as well as Psychology requirements. 

Please visit the MSU Catalog requirements for a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. You can also visit the list of Psychology (PSYX) classes offered.

We require five specific Psychology courses (a total of 16 credit-hours), and students must select eight other elective Psychology courses (a total of at least 24 credit-hours). Thus, a total of 40+ Psychology credit-hours are required for our B.S. degree (out of a grand total of 120 credit-hours required for the degree). Any course taught as a Psychology (e.g., PSY, PSYC, PY, PSYX etc.) course at an accredited 2- or 4-year college or university will count toward the 40+ credit hours in Psychology that we require. Note that even though we may not offer a course with that exact title, or at the same level, all Psychology courses will count. Although they may not appear on your transcript as equivalent courses, advisors have the ability to substitute courses taken at another college for our required courses. Check with your advisor to facilitate this.

Bozeman Transfer Equivalencies

You can visit the Bozeman Transfer Equivalencies database to get an idea of which coursework might transfer as equivalent from your former institution. This list compiles courses already assessed by the Registrar's office to be transferred to MSU as either an equivalent or elective course. Psychology coursework, but also CORE courses, can be found using this tool. Courses not listed here may still be awarded equivalency at the department level, and will be evaluated during your orientation.

Here are a few examples:

  • PY 103 transferred from Dawson Community College fulfills the requirement of our PSYX 100 (one of the five required PSYX courses).
  • PSYC 220 transferred from the University of Montana fulfills the requirement of our PSYX 222 (one of the five required PSYX courses).
  • PSYC 120 transferred from the Univerisity of Montana fulfills the requirement of our PSYX 225 (one of the five required PSYX courses).
  • PSY 245 transferred from Flathead Valley Community College counts as the equivalent of our PSYX 340 (one of our eight elective PSYX courses).
  • PSY 116 transferred from UM-Helena College of Technology counts as one of our eight elective PSYX courses even though we do not offer a course on that specific subject (Stress Management).

Please note:

  • Although we count a course such as PSY 245 as the equivalent of our PSYX 340, MSU requires a minimum of 42 credit-hours of upper-division (300-level and above) courses, and a course taken at the 200-level does not count toward those 42 credit-hours.
  • MSU Admissions and Registrar offices also count all other (non-Psychology) courses in a similar way as applying toward graduation requirements.
  • When you are accepted to MSU and attend a Transfer Student Orientation session, you will have the opportunity to meet individually with a Psychology faculty member, who will advise you concerning remaining courses that you should consider taking.

If you are interested in transferring to MSU and earning a B.S. degree in Psychology, please contact us if you would like any additional information that is not found on our web pages.