Academic departments review the Schedule of Classes each semester and submit course changes to the Office of the Registrar.  Below are step by step instructions on the process.  These resources can be used as introductory documents to get started with course scheduling or as a refresher for those familiar with the course scheduling process.

Please reach out to the Office of the Registrar at 406-994-6650 or [email protected]  with questions or to request an in person course scheduling training.

1. Summary of Course Scheduling Documents

  • Provides a brief description of the documents listed below.

2. Course Scheduling Process Flow Chart

  • Includes a visual representation of the course scheduling process.

3. Course Scheduling General Information

  • Provides a detailed list of the course scheduling protocol.

4. Exporting Schedule of Classes to Excel

  • Includes written instructions and screenshots of the preferred method of exporting courses from the Schedule of Classes into an Excel spreadsheet.  Details are provided on making edits in Excel and submitting changes to the Registrar's Office.

5. Schedule Section Changes Form  (Completed via DocuSign)

  • Form used to make significant changes to a course after advising has begun for a term. Please note capacity, instructor, and room changes can be requested at any time without the form.

6. Special Topics Courses

  • Includes documentation on how to request a Special Topics Course.

7. Available Room Search in Ad Astra

  • Written Instructions and screenshots of how to search for available rooms in Ad Astra with or without a login.  This can be helpful to see which rooms are available on desired days and times.

8. Standard TR & MWF Time Block Scheduling

  • Includes a list of standard meeting patterns for courses.  All courses should follow standard meeting patterns unless otherwise approved.

9. Military Time

  • Provides a chart of military time.  Courses are displayed in the Schedule of Classes using military time.