Complete the form below to request a secure folder on Knox. Only sensitive data (data classified as confidential) should be stored on Knox.

Public and Restricted data does not require storage on Knox.

More suitable options for storing data classified as Public or Restricted are Box and OneDrive for Business.  Both of these are available at no cost, provide unlimited storage and can be accessed from anywhere.

See File Storage Options and Data Storage Security for more information.

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  • Changes like adding or removing users, changing user permissions, changing folder access type to SMB3, etc.
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NOTE: The name of folder may be changed in order to meet standards.

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Add Users

Enter the name and email address of each person whose permission you'd like to change and then select the new permission they should be granted.

Enter the name, email address and NetID of each person who needs access to the folder and select the permission they should be granted.

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