Web-based attacks continue to increase, putting the University at risk. IT Security staff are available to review new and existing Web sites and Web applications to help ensure that appropriate security controls are in place.

Secure Web Development

Using secure practices when building applications for the Web prevents attacks on the university. Assessments should be conducted at key points in the development life cycle, including design, test, and deployment. During production, periodic scans are necessary to identify new vulnerabilities and emerging exploits.

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Web Security Services

Application Development Review Assist web programmers in design and development of secure web sites and applications, help programmers identify potential vulnerabilities and adopt appropriate controls to mitigate risks.
Application Assessment Review existing web sites and applications to identify needed security controls.
Vulnerability Scans Conduct scans to identify and report on a range of vulnerabilities. Scanning can take place at any point in an application's life cycle from design through production.
Vulnerability Mitigation Assist in addressing problems identified during a review or scan. Limited coding support is provided and when necessary extensive support is available on a charge back basis.