Keeper yellow padlock icon.Keeper is a password management tool that allows you to keep track of all of your work passwords in a secure vault and access them with a single password.  Having to only remember a single password, allows you to create and use really strong and complex passwords for each and every account you have. 

To make it even simpler, access to your Keeper account is with your [email protected] and NetID password.  

Keeper is available to:

Keeper is available to MSU faculty and staff.  It is to be used for password management work purposes only. 


Work use -  “While incidental personal use of University computing resources is tolerated under Board of Regents Policy (1303.1-1303.3), the co-mingling of personal and University information could compromise the integrity and privacy of your personal information. If you find the tool useful, you may purchase a personal version from the vendor."

Feature use -  Please note that while Keeper offers features such as secure file and credit card information storage, MSU currently only advocates and supports the use of Keeper for password management.

Get started: 

Keeper has apps for desktop/laptop and mobile devices and the KeeperFill browser extension for use on the web.


Go to Keeper Desktop App or Keeper Mobile and KeeperFill  for instructions on downloading Keeper on all of your devices.

Training/Learning Resources:  

Visit Keep Support for Video Tutorials and Quick Start Guides.