that 95% of all security breaches involve human error


EVERYONE at MSU plays a role in helping to secure our computers and information.


AtaataAtaata Security Training Log Cybersecurity Awareness Matters!

Fall 2018 - MSU has teamed up with Ataata to provide cybersecurity awareness
training to campus through a monthly video series.  

Each Ataata video is:

Image of the five badges possible to earn through cyber awareness training: phishing, data in motion, personal identity,passwords,

  • short (less than 3 minutes)
  • focused on a single topic shown from multiple perspectives
  • followed by a 1-question quiz, after which you'll be able to see your results as well as your peers
  • relatable


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*Login with [email protected] & NetID password


Training Offerings

IT Security staff offer training and education on all aspects of information security. Training is adapted to fit a wide range of audiences from novices to department heads and can be customized to fit departmental needs.

To set up a training session or for more information contact [email protected].

Security Best Practices This training informs employees of University policies and procedures, and of their responsibility in keeping the University's information and resources secure. The content is taught as part of New Employee Training, Banner Training, and Business Procedures workshop.
Research Data Stewardship An overview of data stewardship and security best practices specifically designed for new research PIs.
Security for Unit Leaders Security best practices specifically geared toward Deans, Department Heads and university leaders.
Custom Training Custom training for individuals, groups or departments.