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What is the MSU Secure File Transfer Portal?

The MSU Secure File Transfer Portal can be used to send and receive files that require encryption and cannot be shared via email, Box, or other electronic communication tools.

Note: FERPA compliant information IS allowed to be sent using this method

What kind of data can be sent through the Secure File Transfer Portal?

With the Secure File Transfer Portal, you can send/receive data classified as Restricted and Confidential. For more examples , check the Data Storage Guidelines matrix. Anything marked Yes in the Store in Knox column may be sent in a file through the SFTP.

How do I get started?

Use the Portal Login button at the top of this page to sign in with your NetID. 
If you need assistance with how to use the Secure File Transfer Portal you can visit the How To page for managing files and data, and how to send or request files.


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