This page is to assist staff and faculty with registration processes and to provide information. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.


Grading Instructions

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How to complete grading.


Reserving Classroom Space & Scheduling

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How to reserve classroom space.


Add/Drop Instructions

Students and professor in lab
How to add students (for instructors), how to drop students (for advisors), and how to opt out of emails (for 0% instructors).

How to Email a Class List

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How to email students using a class list in MyInfo.


Course Scheduling

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Information for course scheduling for faculty members. Includes instructions, a key, standard meeting times.

Edit Catalog (CAT)

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Information on how to edit the catalog.


Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM)

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Information on how to propose and/or edit programs and courses.

Advisor Information

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Information for advisors. Please watch this space for more updates.

Undergraduate Course Equivalency Request Form

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Information for advisors regarding the Course Equivalency Request form.

FERPA Information for Staff & Faculty

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FERPA information pertinent to faculty and staff.