Note: Spring and Fall term degree candidates must walk in the term in which they are completing their degree. Summer undergraduate level candidates are invited to walk in the Spring ceremonies.  Summer graduate level candidates are invited to walk in the Fall ceremonies.

Application Deadlines

  • October 1st for Spring graduation, submitted preceding Fall semester
  • March 1st for Summer and Fall graduation, submitted the preceding Spring semester
  • June 10th for Summer graduation, submitted the semester of intended graduation
  • September 20th for Fall graduation, submitted the semester of intended graduation
  • February 5th for Spring graduation, submitted the semester of intended graduation

For application details, please see the Graduate School's website.

  • October 1st for Spring graduation, AA/AS/AAS applications submitted the preceding Fall semester
  • December 1st for Spring graduation, Certificate of Applied Science and Professional certificates submitted preceding Fall semester
  • March 1st for Summer and Fall graduation, all credentials due the preceding Fall semester

5 Step Graduation Process

  1. Perform an Evaluation in DegreeWorks with Academic Advisor.
  2. Complete an Application for graduation online via MyInfo. (*The online application in MyInfo will not be available to you until your Notes are updated by your Advisor and Certifying Officer.*)
  3. Participate in Priority Registration for the upcoming semester.
  4. Attend your Commencement ceremony (optional).
  5. Receive your Diploma to the address you provide.

Click each drop down menu below for additional information.

This evaluation can be done by logging into MyInfo and reviewing your DegreeWorks worksheet. 
  • Does your DegreeWorks worksheet reflect your academic progress as you would expect (if not contact your advisor)?
  • Are all requirements on Degree Works shown as either completed (green check mark) or in progress (blue tilde) or will they be after you register for next semester? (see Example below)
  • Will you be able to successfully complete all of the classes remaining for your degree by the end of next semester?
  • Will you have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the end of next semester?

If you answered "yes" to all of these, move on to Step #2: Application 

Undergraduate and Gallatin College Students

Graduate Students

Graduate students, please visit The Graduate School’s website for application process. Turn in applications to the Graduate School.

You've made it this far, now it's time to celebrate! 

Please keep in mind, though, that the Commencement ceremony is just that: Ceremonial. Even though candidates are recognized on this day for their outstanding achievements, final semester grades will not yet been posted and no degrees will have officially been awarded. The awarding process will start the week after Commencement, so keep an eye on your DegreeWorks for the final confirmation of your degree being awarded.

Visit the Commencement website for details.

  • Log into MyInfo to update your Mailing Address to where you would like your diploma shipped.
  • Review final semester grades when they have been posted, and monitor your Degree Works notes for confirmation of your degree being awarded.
  • If an issue is found, the Registrar's Office will first work to resolve it through your department, and if we need you, we will call or email you. Please make yourself available.
  • If no issues are found, your degree will be posted to your official transcript, and you can expect to receive your diploma in the following time frame:
    • Spring Graduates – July
    • Summer Graduates – October
    • Fall Graduates – March
Note: Diplomas will be sent to the most recent mailing address on file. Please make sure this address is current by logging into MyInfo and updating your Personal Information.

Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Know your application deadlines- (see "Application Deadlines" above).
  • Monitor your progress towards graduation. 
  • Monitor your DegreeWorks for notes on discrepancies.
  • Monitor your preferred email inbox. 


General Definitions

A student who is pursuing two degrees.  This student will have completed each program degree requirements as well as an additional 30 credits.  Generally completing 150+ credits. Student will receive two diplomas.

A student who is pursuing two majors.  This student will have completed each program degree requirements. Generally completing 120 credits. Student will receive one diploma.


The advisor for your primary degree or major.
Departmental-specific individual who certifies degrees. Your department administrator or Primary Advisor will give you this information.

Information for Baccalaureate Certificate Candidates

If you are seeking a Baccalaureate level certificate (Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Gerontology, Life-Scholars, Arabic, or Pre-Med) and no other credential in the same semester, please complete this stand alone application after speaking with your advisor: