The procedures for preparing the annual disclosure of crime statistics include reporting statistics to the University community obtained from the following sources: the University Police Department (UPD), the Bozeman Police Department, and Campus Security Authorities (CSAs). For statistical purposes, crime statistics reported to any of these sources are recorded in the calendar year the crime was reported.


All of the statistics are gathered, compiled, and reported to the University community via this report, which is published by the Office of the Dean of Students. The MSU Dean of Students submits the annual crime statistics published in this Report to the Department of Education (ED). The statistical information gathered by the Department of Education is available to the public through the Department of Education’s website, and hardcopies of this report are available from the MSU Office of the Dean of Students.


Under the Clery Act, Montana State University is required to report annual crime statistics showing reported occurrences of specific types of crime for the benefit of current/prospective students and current/prospective employees.


Crimes reported under the Silent Witness Program are included in the annual disclosure of crime statistics. The VOICE Center staff report crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis for inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics. The VOICE Center staff will inform persons they are

counseling that they will make these confidential reports. The VOICE Center staff will not disclose any identifying information without the written consent of the client.


Statistics pertaining to referrals for disciplinary action reflect those incidents of alcohol, drugs, and weapons violations that were referred to the Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life, and the Fraternity/Sorority Leadership for student disciplinary action.

Statistics for off-campus crime are not collected by the Bozeman Police Department or Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office for Clery reportable offenses or arrests. The Dean of Students’ Office has requested the information for public property and non-campus buildings or property within the jurisdiction of each agency.


However, the agencies have officially confirmed that they are not able to provide this data.


There are two private apartment complexes immediately adjacent to the campus and across from the MSU Football Stadium that are not affiliated with MSU-Bozeman. Visitors sometimes assume that those apartment buildings are part of the campus, but the institution has no written agreement

with those apartment complexes to provide student housing. Thus, there are no MSU staff members assigned to those buildings and the policies, procedures, and statistics for those buildings are not addressed in the Annual Fire Safety Report. Furthermore, crime statistics are not provided for those private apartment buildings in the Annual Security Report.