MSU has established policies and practices designed to provide security and access in its facilities, whether in classrooms, offices, residences or other campus locations.


Facilities Services department and a Cat-Card electronic access system managed by Auxiliary Services. This key system provides access for authorized students, staff and faculty to academic buildings during closed hours. Key access is provided with appropriate written supervisory approvals. Campus buildings (non-residence) are normally open from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM (closing times may vary) to students, staff, faculty and visitors of the university, Monday through Friday or for scheduled weekend classes and special events, but are generally locked at all other times.

In addition, the university has adopted the following additional security practices:

  1. Rules that require that exterior building doors are not propped open when the doors are locked;
  2. The right to prohibit, limit or otherwise restrict access to or use of its buildings, facilities or other property as may be necessary to provide for the orderly conduct of the University’s educational, research and service programs and the safety and security of the campus property, students, employees, guests and other
  3. Substantial outdoor lighting installations which helps deter criminal behavior and enhances security; lighting is routinely patrolled to identify outages and periodically assessed to assure
  4. UPD officers patrol the campus, 24 hours a day, including residential UPD conducts routine patrols of campus buildings to evaluate and monitor security related matters.
  5. A policy requiring background checks for new employees; potential employees with criminal backgrounds may be denied employment to protect the campus


Residence halls are subject to substantial security policies and measures, including restricted access, 24 hour monitored desk operations, guest log-in and evening escort requirement, check-in policies, lock- downs, and other measures which are detailed in the Residence Hall Handbook under “Safety and Security.” A paper copy of the policy is also available from the Residence Life Office.


MSU’s master key system also controls security for maintenance staff. All Facilities Services and Auxiliary employees authorized to carry master keys are required to store these keys in a secure/ alarmed cabinet during all non-working hours. Some buildings are part of a security system that requires the use of a staff-assigned Cat Card to gain entrance into the building.


Facilities and landscaping are maintained in a manner that minimizes hazardous conditions. UPD regularly patrols campus and reports malfunctioning lights and other unsafe physical conditions to Facilities Services for correction. Other members of the University community are helpful when they report equipment problems to UPD and/or Facilities Services.

Facilities Services provides a voluntary call-out program to provide maintenance services during after- hour, weekend, and holiday periods. For security considerations, if an employee is called in to assist with after-hour maintenance issues, the employee checks out master keys at the University Police Station where their name, date and time of key checkout and check in are recorded or uses personally identifiable Cat Card with the supervisor’s permission.

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