CSAs include University Police, campus security-related personnel and officials who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline and campus judicial proceedings. CSAs must report crimes online at www.montana.edu/clery using the CSA Reporting Form. Crimes reported to any CSA will be included in the annual crime statistics found later in this report.

While we have hundreds of CSAs, MSU officially designates the following two offices as locations where campus community members should report crimes:

  • Office of Institutional Equity
  • University Police

Students and employees can report criminal offenses to the above designated Campus Security Authorities for the purpose of making timely warning reports and annual statistical disclosure. Under the Clery Act, MSU must designate certain individuals as CSAs.

As explained above, students, employees, and visitors are encouraged to promptly report crimes to the University Police Department or the Office of Institutional Equity. However, students may contact any CSA for appropriate assistance in reporting crimes.

Confidentiality of crime reports made to CSAs cannot be promised. Clery requires statistical reporting, but CSAs are also reporters under the requirements of Title IX and University policy and as such may not be able to maintain confidentiality. There may be instances where the University must act regardless of the wishes of the complainant or reporting party. Nevertheless, in such cases MSU will take care to protect identities to the extent allowed by the circumstances and law.


Montana State officials responsible for overseeing Clery practices meet annually- or upon the receipt of new guidance- to update a centrally-maintained CSA list in the Dean of Students’ Office.

Further, MSU staff members who are identified as Senior CSAs help to provide updated information regarding new CSAs or those who have left Montana State on a regular basis.

Identified CSAs are offered training through three means:

  • Online Training;
  • In-person training with an on-campus Clery expert from the Dean of Students;
  • Dedicated campus web page providing overview of CSA responsibilities and a link to the Department of Education training

Additionally, a web page is maintained and updated throughout the year that hosts information on CSA trainings, including presentations they can browse and other relevant Clery information. Once a CSA has completed training, the centrally-maintained CSA list is updated to indicate training completion.