Research is one of the fundamental building blocks of the majority of the graduate work conducted at Montana State University. Most of the graduate degrees awarded require students to conduct original research which is then presented in theses, dissertations, or published articles. You can learn about the types of research under way at MSU by visiting the Research Centers and Institutes page or by perusing the colleges and departments.

Electronic Dissertations (ETDs): Complete copies of all MSU dissertations produced since 1996 are available in electronic format. This service is only available from computers with an appropriate MSU IP address.

For more information regarding graduate studies at MSU, visit the The Graduate School.

Graduate Research Assistants

Research conducted by Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) is at the heart of a significant portion of the total sponsored research at MSU. GRAs conduct research in a relevant area of their major course of study, under the direction of a faculty member.