The cost of ResNet is $72 per semester. If you live in the Residence Halls, the fee is billed to your student account at the beginning of each semester. If you live in Family & Graduate Housing, the fee is included in your rent each month.

If you live in the Residence Halls or Family & Graduate Housing, you may connect to ResNet at any time during the semester from your room or apartment. To do so, simply plug an Ethernet cable into the data jack on your wall and open a web browser. In Family & Graduate Housing, the ports are located on the bottom of the wireless access point in one of your rooms. If you are having trouble and need assistance please call the ResNet Help Desk at 994-1929.

Wireless coverage is available in the Residence Halls, Dining Halls, and Family & Graduate Housing (excluding the Westside Houses) so you have more choices in how you connect.

ResNet offers two wireless networks:


MSU-Secure provides a secure, encrypted Internet connection and is the preferred wireless network of MSU ResNet. To connect to the network, you will need your NetID and NetID password.

For detailed instructions on how to connect to MSU-Secure on different laptops and devices, including tablets, Android devices, and iPhones, please click here.

If you are an incoming student who has not registered for classes yet, you will not have NetID assigned to you until the day after you register. If you do not have NetID yet, you can still connect to the Internet on MSU-Guest.

If you have any questions about connecting to MSU-Secure in the Residence Halls or Dining Halls, please call the ResNet Help Desk at 994-1929.


Visitors to MSU and others who do not have a MSU NetID should use MSU-Guest. Our guest network is unencrypted and does not require credentials to log in.

If you have not changed your password in over 180 days, you will not be able to log into MSU-Secure until you reset the password. To reset your password, visit and enter your student information in the appropriate fields, then click "Sign In" and follow the on-screen instructions.

ResNet's has wireless speeds up to 20 megabits per second (Mbps) up and down, and wired speeds up to 60 Mbps. Network speeds are subject to change depending on the time of day and the use of those around you.

There are several key points you need to know about ResNet's policies. If you are found in violation of these policies, you will be subject to indefinite suspension of service and other penalties.

Read MSU ResNet’s Acceptable Use Policy.

MSU-Secure utilizes a security protocol called WPA2-Enteprise. Many devices—including Xbox One and PlayStation 3 & 4—do not include software that allows these devices to log onto an enterprise-class network such as MSU-Secure.

However, you can register your device with our ClearPass server which will allow you to use your gaming device over MSU-Secure. You also have the option to connect your gaming device with an Ethernet cable to data port on your wall.

Depending on the game, certain ports may need to be open to enable online gaming. MSU-Secure has more ports open and should be your wireless network of choice for online gaming. Please contact the ResNet Help Desk at 994-1929 if you have issues connecting your system or playing online.

Wireless printers are not supported on our networks, and setting up a wireless router to enable wireless printing is prohibited by our AUP. While we do not endorse any third party products, Google Cloud Print is an alternative for users who wish to enable wireless printing.

Please note that when using a service such as Google Cloud Print, your documents are sent over the Internet before reaching your printer. For your security, MSU ResNet does not recommend using wireless printing services such as these.

There are several streaming devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV. These devices were designed by their manufacturers for home network use, and not for enterprise-class networks such as those found on MSU's campus. However, you can register your device with our ClearPass server which will allow you to get your device connected. If you have a streaming device and want to get it connected, please contact the ResNet Help Desk for assistance.
All residents living in the Residence Halls and all Family & Graduate Housing buildings (with the exception of the Westside Houses) must have their Internet service provided by ResNet. Residents living in the Westside Houses may choose to purchase their Internet service from a third-party provider such as Charter or CenturyLink.

If you live on campus, we can perform the following services: virus, spyware, and adware scans; operating system installs/reloads (with backups*); hardware support/installs; network diagnostics; and computer troubleshooting.

*ResNet is unable to back up music, videos, and installed programs. We can back up your documents and pictures.

ResNet provides virus-removal services to residents living on campus.

After bringing your computer to the ResNet Help Desk, you will notice that we have installed a few programs to help keep your computer safe. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, AdwareMedic (Malwarebytes for Macs), and SuperAntiSpywareare programs that will scan your computer for malicious software and attempt to remove it. You don't need to bring your computer in to get these programs, as they are freely available online.

It is recommended that you run these programs at least once a month. Before running a full scan, be sure to update to the latest definitions by clicking the update button on the main window of the program. Most versions of Windows also include a spyware scanner called Windows Defender. Windows Defender should be run once a month as well.

Performing these steps will greatly reduce the amount of spyware/adware on your computer. If after running these scans your computer still appears to be infected, you may bring it in to the ResNet center, located in the basement of North Hedges.

When bringing a computer to the ResNet Help Desk there are a few things we will need to perform the scans. If you are bringing in a laptop, please make sure to bring in the power cable. Some of our scans take a few hours and even a fully charged battery will not be sufficient. If you are bringing in a desktop, all we will need to run scans is the tower itself; we will not need any cables. To pick up your computer, you will need a photo ID, and no one else can pick it up for you. This is for your protection.
The ResNet Help Desk is located in the first floor of North Hedges, Room 115. During the school year, we are open Monday-Thursday 8 am-8 pm, Friday 8am-6 pm, and Sunday 5 pm-9 pm. Our summer hours are Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm.

Yes! There are computer labs available for student use in North Hedges, South Hedges, Roskie, Hannon, Hapner, Langford, and Johnstone. Headwaters and Freshman Apartments residents may use the North Hedges lab. Printing is provided by the WEPA print kiosks located in Roskie, South Hedges, North Hedges, Langford, Johnstone Center, Hapner, Hannon Halls, and Yellowstone Halls. All our lab computers have Microsoft Office loaded, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Yes! ResNet is available for the summer, either for summer school or Family & Graduate housing. The cost for the whole summer is the same as other semesters, and service for part of the summer is prorated.

Connecting a router in your room or apartment is prohibited. Use of a hub, router, or any other device which provides multiple connections through a single ResNet connection can interfere with the campus infrastructure. For more information on connecting a wireless router in my room, please see the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy, numbers 3 and 4.

Your ResNet connection is shared with the rest of the users on campus and during peak times some slowdown will be experienced.

Peer-to-peer file-sharing software has many legal and legitimate uses, including sharing content related to your schoolwork.

Peer-to-peer software may be used over ResNet networks to share digital material with copyright holder permission. However, the software may not, under any circumstances, be used for illegal downloading and or sharing.