Topics and Notes Summary (updated 4/22/2011): 

Apr. 29 (Fri)

Last class day.

Special topics (cont.)

Apr. 27 (Wed)

Special topics (cont.)

Apr. 25 (Mon)

PROJECT REPORTS DUE at the start of class

Return and discuss exams.

Special topics:  adaptive signal processing, array processing, 2-D processing, etc.


Apr. 22 (Fri)

No class (MSU "University Day" holiday)

Apr. 20 (Wed)

Exam #2 in class

Apr. 18 (Mon)

Exam review

Apr. 15 (Fri)

Overlap-add and windows for block processing

Apr. 13 (Wed)


Apr. 11 (Mon)

FFT algorithms--decimation in time concept

Exam #2 is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, in class.  Coverage up through the FFT.

Apr. 8 (Fri)

Discrete Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform algorithms

Apr. 6 (Wed)

Homework due.

DSP microprocessor architectural features and attributes.  Handout.

Apr. 4 (Mon)

Matlab and simple filter design (cont.)

Apr. 1 (Fri)

Guest Lecture:  Dr. Snider

Mar. 30 (Wed)

Guest Lecture:  Dr. Snider

Mar. 28 (Mon)

Matlab and simple filter design

Mar. 25 (Fri)

Filter specification and software-aided design

Homework:  Due at the start of class on Wednesday, April 6.  Handout.

Mar. 23 (Wed)

Lattice and ladder forms

Project assignment:  Due at the start of class on Monday, April 25.  Handout.

Mar. 21 (Mon)

Homework due.

Roundoff and overflow in digital filters

Mar. 14-18 (M-F)

Spring Break (no classes this week)


Mar. 11 (Fri)

Quantization effects (cont.)

Mar. 9 (Wed)

Quantization effects on pole/zero location; use of 2nd order sections

Mar. 7 (Mon)

Coefficient quantization

Homework:  Due at the start of class on Monday, March 21.  Handout.

Mar. 4 (Fri)

Polyphase (cont.)

Mar. 2 (Wed)

Polyphase filter concepts

Feb. 28 (Mon)

Return and discuss midterm exam.


Feb. 25 (Fri)

Midterm Exam #1 in class

Feb. 23 (Wed)

Exam review

Feb. 21 (Mon)

Presidents Day Holiday (no class)


Feb. 18 (Fri)

Filter structures

Feb. 16 (Wed)

Multirate signal processing

Feb. 14 (Mon)

Sampling rate conversion:  downsampling and upsampling

NOTE:  midterm exam #1 is tentatively scheduled for Friday 25 February in class.

Feb. 11 (Fri)

Noise shaping (cont.); start sampling rate conversion

Feb. 9 (Wed)

Oversampling and noise shaping

Feb. 7 (Mon)

Quantization and the effects of oversampling.


Feb. 4 (Fri)

Quantizers (cont.)

Feb. 2 (Wed)

Homework problems due at the start of class.

Sampling, uniform quantizers, quantization issues

Jan. 31 (Mon)

Discussion of homework problems.


Jan. 28 (Fri)

z-transforms (cont.)

Jan. 26 (Wed)

z-transforms (cont.)

Jan. 24 (Mon)

z-transforms; properties of the region of convergence; partial fraction expansions to aid inverse table-lookup

ASSIGNMENT:  Review the rest of chapter 3.

Homework ASSIGNMENT:  Due at the start of class on Wednesday, February 2.

From the text: 

2.332.342.50;  3.2 a, b, c3.3 a, b3.14 c, d.


Jan. 21 (Fri)

Complete Chapter 2 review, begin chapter 3 (z-transforms)

Jan. 19 (Wed)

Chapter 2 of the textbook:  discrete-time systems, system properties, and block diagrams. 

ASSIGNMENT:  Review the rest of chapter 2 and start chapter 3.

Jan. 17 (Mon)

No class this day (MSU official holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)


Jan. 14 (Fri)

Chapter 2 of the textbook:  discrete-time signals, notation, and terminology. 

ASSIGNMENT:  Review sections 1.4 and 2.1-2.3.

Jan. 12 (Wed)

First class meeting, 11AM, Cobleigh 632

ASSIGNMENT:  Review chapter 1, sections 1.1-1.3.