Topics and Notes Summary (updated 12/14/2009): 

Friday, Dec. 11

Last day of class! Good work!

Example signal processing procedures:  sinusoidal modeling.


Wednesday, Dec. 9

Course wrap-up topics, cont.


Monday, Dec. 7

Project reports due at the start of class.  Exams handed back. Course wrap-up topics.


Friday, Dec. 4

Midterm exam 2:  in class


Wednesday, Dec. 2

Space-time signal processing.  Exam review.


Monday, Nov. 30

Data compression, continued.  Signal synthesis.


Friday, Nov. 27

No MSU classes (Thanksgiving Holiday)


Wednesday, Nov. 25

No MSU classes (Thanksgiving Holiday)


Monday, Nov. 23

Digital data compression.


Friday, Nov. 20

2-D signal processing (cont.)


Wednesday, Nov. 18

2-D signal processing:  extension of time sampling concepts to spatial sampling.


Monday, Nov. 16

Adaptive signal processing (cont.)

Reminder about upcoming dates:

  • Thanksgiving holiday (no class November 25 and 27)

  • Second mid-term exam will be held in class on Friday, December 4.

  • Project papers due at the start of class on Monday, December 7.


Friday, Nov. 13

Begin discussion and examples of adaptive signal processing.


Wednesday, Nov. 11

No MSU classes this day:  Veterans Day


Monday, Nov. 9

Use of the DFT for spectral analysis:  effects of record length and windowing.

Overview of the discrete cosine transform (DCT) and alternative formulations.


Friday, Nov. 6

FFT algorithms (cont.)

(HW and project proposals due at the start of class)


Wednesday, Nov. 4

DFT (cont.); linear filtering using the DFT (overlap-add concept); begin FFT


Monday, Nov. 2

Discrete Fourier Transform

ASSIGNMENT:  Term projects (paragraph proposal due on Friday 11/6/09; final report due on Monday 12/7/09)


Friday, Oct. 30

Rounding and overflow in digital filters (cont.)


Wednesday, Oct. 28

Filter design using Matlab.

ASSIGNMENT:  due at the start of class on Friday 11/6/09.  Filter design and implementation assignment.


Monday, Oct. 26

Rounding and overflow (cont.)


Friday, Oct. 23

Rounding and overflow in digital filters.

(HW due at the start of class)


Wednesday, Oct. 21

Digital filter implementation (cont.).  Coefficients and second-order sections.


Monday, Oct. 19

Frequency response, graphical interpretation from pole-zero diagram (review).

Effects of coefficient precision/quantization in implementation of digital filter systems.

ASSIGNMENT:  due at the start of class on Friday 10/23/09.  From the text:  5.4 a, g, and k

For each problem, find H(z), H(e), |H(e)| and phase(H(e)), and sketch the magnitude and phase.


Friday, Oct. 16

Discuss mid-term exam.  Scores ranged from the mid-teens to the high 20s (out of 30 possible).

The main issue appeared to be a lack of confidence with going from the z-transform representation to the frequency response magnitude.  You will be getting additional review problems to fix this shortcoming!


Wednesday, Oct. 14

Mid-term exam:  in class
(coverage through 10/5/09; open book and notes; bring a calculator and a pencil; no consultants!)


Monday, Oct. 12

No class this day (instructor out of town)


Friday, Oct. 9

No class this day (instructor out of town)


Wednesday, Oct. 7

Filter structures and filter design (chapter 9 of the textbook)

Here is an example exam and solutions:  SP09 mid term


Monday, Oct. 5

Principles of noise shaping applied to quantizers


Friday, Oct. 2

Polyphase filter concepts and example


Wednesday, Sept. 30

No class this day (instructor busy with External Advisory Council)


Monday, Sept. 28

Sampling rate changes:  anti-aliasing interpretation and interpolation interpretation.  Begin consideration of polyphase implementation.


Friday, Sept. 25

Sampling rate changes:  integer factor downsampling, integer factor upsampling

ASSIGNMENT:  Read first few sections of Chapter 11 in the textbook


Wednesday, Sept. 23

Frequency-domain effects of sampling; quantization noise and sampling; effects of oversampling


Monday, Sept. 21

Quantization (cont.)


Friday, Sept. 18

Uniform quantizers and analysis of quantization "error"

ASSIGNMENT:  homework problems from the text (due at the start of class on Friday, Sept. 25)

3.2: a, b, c

3.4: a, b, c

3.14 a, b


Wednesday, Sept. 16

Finish z-transform discussion; start quantization


Monday, Sept. 14

No class this day (instructor busy with ABET on-site visit)


Friday, Sept. 11

z-transforms; properties of the region of convergence; partial fraction expansions to aid inverse table-lookup

ASSIGNMENT:  Review the rest of chapter 3.


Wednesday, Sept. 9

Complete Chapter 2 review, begin chapter 3 (z-transforms)


Monday, Sept. 7

No class this day (MSU official holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)


Friday, Sept. 4

Chapter 2 of the textbook:  discrete-time systems, system properties, and block diagrams. 

ASSIGNMENT:  Review the rest of chapter 2 and start chapter 3.


Wednesday, Sept. 2

Chapter 2 of the textbook:  discrete-time signals, notation, and terminology. 

ASSIGNMENT:  Review sections 1.4 and 2.1-2.3.

Monday, Aug. 31

First class meeting, 8AM, Cobleigh 632

ASSIGNMENT:  Review chapter 1, sections 1.1-1.3.