Topics and Notes Summary (updated 5/10/2007): 

Thursday, May 10 Course grades have been posted to the My Info system.  Have a great summer!!


Friday, May 4 Last day of class: course wrap-up and miscellaneous topics.


Wednesday, May 2 Guest presentation by classmate Dustin Dunkle on Kalman filters for tracking.


Monday, Apr. 30 2-D DSP: discrete space Fourier transform, and 2-D DFT.


Friday, Apr. 27 2-D DSP continued.

Term project reports due at the start of class.


Wednesday, Apr. 25 2-D signal processing: terminology and characteristics.


Monday, Apr. 23 Discuss midterm exam results. Complete discussion of adaptive signal processing.


Friday, Apr. 20 Midterm Exam #2, in class (coverage through 4/4/2007).

Open book and notes--but no consultants!


Wednesday, Apr. 18 Exam discussion and brief review.

Continue discussion of adaptive signal processing.

Monday, Apr. 16 No class this day (Maher out of town)


Friday, Apr. 13 Guest Lecture:  Dr. Yikun Huang


Wednesday, Apr. 11 Guest Lecture:  Dr. Kevin Repasky


Monday, Apr. 9 Homework #3 due; term project proposals due.

Start discussion of adaptive signal processing.


Friday, Apr. 6 No class this day(University Day holiday)


Wednesday, Apr. 4 STFT and related analysis techniques (McAulay-Quatieri procedure, etc.)


Monday, Apr. 2 STFT (cont.)

NOTE:  the midterm exam #2 is scheduled for Friday, April 20, 2007 (in class).  More details to follow.

Friday, Mar. 30 Spectral analysis using the short-time Fourier transform


Wednesday, Mar. 28 DCT cont.; filter design example using Matlab (related to HW #3)

ASSIGNMENT:  Homework #3.  Due Monday 9 April (no class on April 6).

ASSIGNMENT:  Term project assignment:  due Friday 27 April 2007.

Monday, Mar. 26 DFT and FFT algorithms; Discrete cosine transform (DCT) framework


Friday, Mar. 23 DFT (cont.); overlap add and overlap save processing for LTI systems


Wednesday, Mar. 21 DFT formulation and characteristics; relations to DTFT and DFS


Monday, Mar. 19 Midterm exam #1 returned and discussed in class.

Introduction to the DFT (Chapter 8)

Mar. 12-16
Spring Break
No MSU classes this week.


Friday, Mar. 9 Midterm Exam #1, in class (coverage through 3/5/2007).

Open book and notes--but no consultants!


Wednesday, Mar. 7 Exam discussion and brief review.
Pole-zero pairing to minimize overflow risk, etc.


Monday, Mar. 5 Overflow issues in digital filters


Friday, Mar. 2 Roundoff and truncation; basic filter topologies; direct and transposed forms (cont.)


Wednesday, Feb. 28 Roundoff and truncation; basic filter topologies; direct and transposed forms.

HW#2 due at the start of class.

REMINDER:  Exam #1 will be held in class on Friday, March 9, 2007.  More details will follow next week.


Monday, Feb. 26 Complete Chapter 5, begin Chapter 6 material on discrete-time systems.

ASSIGNMENT:  Read Chapter 6.

Friday, Feb. 23 Graphical interpretation of system magnitude and phase using pole-zero positions.


Wednesday, Feb. 21 Transform interpretation of LTI systems (Chapter 5)

ASSIGNMENT:  Read Chapter 5.

ASSIGNMENT:  Homework #2:  problems 4.27 and 4.52
Homework #2 is due at the start of class on Wednesday, February 28.


Monday, Feb. 19 No class this day (Presidents' Day Holiday)


Friday, Feb. 16 Finish consideration of noise shaping in digital signal processing systems (A/D and resampling operations).
Wednesday, Feb. 14 Sampling and oversampling; noise shaping.


Monday, Feb. 12 Quantization and SQNR calculations.


Friday, Feb. 9 Homework #1 is due at the START of class.
Amplitude quantization and quantization "noise" models.
Wednesday, Feb. 7 Upsampling and downsampling by a non-integer factor using an up/down cascade.  Multirate issues for increased efficiency; polyphase filter structure considerations.
Monday, Feb. 5 Sample rate conversion:  downsampling and upsampling by an integer factor; effect on signal spectrum; avoiding aliasing when downsampling.
Friday, Feb. 2 Continue discussion of sampling:  relationship between Fourier transform of continuous signal, sampled signal, and the discrete-time Fourier transform.

Start material on sample rate conversion:  downsampling by an integer factor.


Wednesday, Jan. 31 Inverse z-transforms; Start sampling discussion (Ch. 4)

ASSIGNMENT:  Read Chapter 4.

ASSIGNMENT:  Homework #1:  problems 2.18, 2.32, 2.35; and  3.35.
Homework #1 is due at the start of class on Friday, February 9.


Monday, Jan. 29 Cover Chapter 3 material:  z-transforms.  Concentrate on understanding the Region of Convergence (ROC) properties and review the partial fractions method for inverse transforms by inspection.
ASSIGNMENT:  Read Chapter 3.
Friday, Jan. 26 Complete discussion of Ch. 2.
Wednesday, Jan. 24 Continuing discussion of material from Chapter 2, up through section 2.4.

Monday, Jan. 22

Chapter 2 of the textbook:  discrete-time signals, notation, and terminology.  

Friday, Jan. 19

INSTRUCTOR OUT OF TOWN:  no class meeting this day.

ASSIGNMENT:  Read chapter 2, sections 2.0-2.9.