Prof. Robert C. Maher
637 Cobleigh Hall, 994-7759, [email protected]

Course Description

This course offers students an opportunity to broaden their horizons in technical and non-technical fields outside their own discipline. Students attend a variety of seminars from departments across campus. The majority of these must be outside their home department with a maximum of four from any one department. To provide a writing/communications component, students will submit a memo report describing each seminar attended. Types of presentations that could be used to satisfy the requirements of this course include formal presentations on- or off-campus, research colloquia, thesis defenses, etc.

ECE students may count one credit of EELE 394 as a professional elective.

Course Requirements

  • There are no formal (scheduled) class meetings.
  • You must attend at least 12 seminars or presentations during the semester.
    • You don't necessarily have to attend one per week but it would be a good idea to do so.
  • You may attend no more than four seminars from any one department or organization.
  • You may attend no more than two performing arts presentations (music recitals, dances, plays, etc.)
    • Performing arts presentations must have a printed program and a formal format (e.g., not a bar band show or festival-style entertainment).
  • Seminars and presentations must be at least 50 minutes long and be informative in some sense. The presentations need not be purely technical, but acceptable events cannot be parties, receptions, social club meetings, or other informal activities that are predominantly for recreation or casual entertainment.

    Typical on-campus presentations include:

    • Research colloquia
    • Thesis defense presentations
    • Invited speakers
    • Brown bag seminars
    • Music department-sponsored recitals and concerts
  • Many campus and community seminars are announced on the university calendar and news webpages. Some examples are:
  • You may attend pre-approved off-campus meetings and seminars. E-mail Dr. Maher in advance to gain approval for off-campus presentations you would like to attend. Pre-approval is granted for professional meetings, such as IEEE branch meetings and local government meetings (city and county commission, planning board, etc.). Political candidate forums organized by non-political organizations (such as League of Women Voters, etc.) may be acceptable, but must be pre-approved.

Report Requirements

  • A memo report is due no later than three school days following the presentation. Please submit your report via email to Dr. Maher.
  • The memo is to include at least the following information:
    • Your name
    • Presenter's name
    • Date/Time/Location
    • Title of presentation
    • Type of talk or presentation
    • A brief summary of the presentation in your own words (2-3 paragraphs)
    • A description of your interest in the topic and what you learned from it


Passing the course will be based on timely submission of 12 high-quality memo reports for approved seminars. Any memos submitted later than three school days after the presentation will NOT receive credit.