Reid 332 is a active learning/group study classroom.  The room accommodates 15 students with social distancing, and 45 under normal conditions.

Active/group learning courses commonly using the room include STAT 216, M 121, and EDM 304.

Reid 332 active learning classroom

General Layout and Features

The classroom is equipped with moveable tables, typically arranged for groups of 6-8 students. Students are seated in individual wheeled chairs. The room can be oriented with all students facing one direction, or with students oriented around a circular group of tables. 

Reid 332 floorplan

The instructor area on the south side includes a podium. Wall mounted white boards are available near the podium, and also on the walls around the room.

Reid 332 south side

The room has six wall-mounted flat-panel monitors.  The monitors can be controlled collectively by the instructor, or each monitor can be controlled separately via ShareLink wireless connectivity. This is useful for allowing a group of students to work together while sharing information on a dedicated display screen.

Instructor Features

As a small group active learning room, the instructor may spend some time at the podium providing basic instruction, but the room is best suited for group-focused active learning with the instructor circulating around the classroom.

Instructor's Podium:

The podium is equipped with a computer and display for the instructor's use.  The podium also has a document camera and side table. A wired connection is available for a carry-in laptop computer or other device (HDMI). The podium is also equipped with a ShareLink wireless interface, allowing a wireless connection from the instructor's laptop, pad computer, or mobile phone.

Reid 332 Instructor's podium

The podium has a lecture capture camera above the instructor's display screen, and the side table is available for a laptop or demonstration equipment.

Reid 332 podium side table

Individual ShareLink to Wall-Mounted Monitors:

Reid 332 has a special ShareLink BYOD mode (BYOD = "bring your own device") in which each wall-mounted TV can be individually controlled with a wireless connection from a room user's laptop, pad computer, or a mobile device.  The instructor podium control can set this mode, allowing students to present separate content on the large monitor for the study group.

Reid 332 display control


Because group activity can become noisy, Reid 332 has ceiling-mounted sound absorbing panels and carpeting to help avoid group conversations interfering with one another.

Reid 332 Classroom Features summary

ADA Desk

Laptop (wired HDMI)

Moveable Tables and Chairs

ShareLink (wireless, multiple)

Document Camera

Adjustable Room Lighting

Wall Mounted Flat Screen Monitors (group or individual)

Lecture Capture Support

Podium Computer (Windows)

White Boards

Flat floor (carpet)

Acoustical treatment