Service Excellence aims to align the quality of our service environment to the excellent education we offer at Montana State University. Workshops will be provided for every employee at Montana State University as part of the OpenMSU Service Excellence initiative.

Why should you Attend

Service Excellence includes providing excellent service to each other so that MSU is positioned to provide excellent service to students. It also creates a system to recognize those who provide excellent service. Service Excellence enables greater work satisfaction, more time focused on issues that advance the university, and less time worrying about internal issues. 

Areas Covered in the SessionService Excellence

  • Introduce and explain the MSU Service Philosophy and Service Standards
  • Practice techniques and tools to improve service
  • Reinforce each individual employee’s role in delivering Service Excellence
  • Learn a common language of Service Excellence

Who Will Benefit

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Anyone who would like to learn more concerning MSU's Service Excellence Program