Social Data offers services from the early phase of designing a research project to the final phase of presenting results to audiences.

Research Design

Social Data can provide guidance on general issues of research design to ensure that a project answers the most important intended questions. We work closely with the Institutional Review Board to determine necessary steps for any project involving human subjects. Social Data can also assist with the development of research protocols and instruments, including interview and listening session protocols, as well as paper and online questionnaires. Further, Social Data provides services in the areas of sampling and targeting desired audiences and recruitment of participants. Appropriate research design is crucial for valid and reliable analysis of the collected data.

Data Collection

Social Data employs cutting-edge tools to collect survey data. We can coordinate the formatting, printing, mailing, and processing of mail-based surveys, including high-quality data entry. Our typical mail survey projects have ranged from about 200 to 10,000 mailings. Similarly, we can help with formatting, programming, and distribution of web-based surveys. We have extensive experience with mixed-mode (e.g., combined mail and web) surveys.

Data Processing & Cleaning

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Social Data can process and clean both new and pre-existing data. We can enter data via student workers and mark recognition scanning software. We can create or edit transcripts from interviews and listening sessions. We specialize in processing and cleaning data from surveys. We have also cleaned datasets not involving human subjects.

Data Analysis & Documentation

As a a standard, Social Data provides a data codebook and a results document that shows frequencies and percentages, with bar graphs and data weights as appropriate. If more complex statistical analysis is necessary, Social Data's research staff statistician is available to work with you on analyzing your data.

Data Presentation

Social Data is ready to help you with discussing your results and what they mean. We can assist with conveying the information accurately to your target audiences.