• Managing the Space Inventory Database, space designations within buildings and space reports and resources
  • Processing space requests and assisting in campus move coordination when necessary
  • Validating space data through conducting building audits to verify and validate space allocation and usage and through facilitating the annual MSU Space Survey
  • Maintaining MSU Space Use Standards, Policies, Principles and Procedures and Annual Space Reports
  • Providing timely space usage information to inform university-wide decision-making
  • Serving in an advisory capacity to the Space Management Committee

Space Audit Services

SPM facilitates a record of all space on campus. Auditing helps keep our records up to date and gives our department a first hand look at how other entities are organized across campus. This helps us better understand space need as requests come in.

Generally our goal is to obtain the following:

  • Occupancy data (workstation count)- to determine how many people typically are utilizing a room
  • Department data- to know which department is using the room
  • Room setup- to view how the room is used and determine if our floor plans need to be updated due to structural changes
  • Room numbering- to verify that our room numbers match the physical space

SPM's audits are meant to simply collect data to keep our database accurate. This data can be used to run utilization reports and help departments rearrange if they grow over time. It is not our goal to remove a department from their space or "search out" vacant space.

If you have concerns over your allocated space, you are welcome to reach out to our department to discuss your allocation and set up a time to audit space together.