Online Screenings

A free, anonymous, online screening tool is available to MSU students to check for symptoms of depression, suicide, anxiety, substance use, PTSD, or eating disorders. Take a screening.

Safety Plans

If you’ve experienced depression or suicidal thoughts in the past, it could be helpful to devise a safety plan for moments of distress or suicidal thinking. Consult with a counselor at CPS, or click here for information and templates.

My3 app

The My3 app is a handy tool that will keep three friends available at the touch of a button. It also helps you generate an electronic version of your safety plan that you can open up in times of crisis or distress. Download the My3 app.

Healthy diet, exercise, stress management, coping skills, and quality sleep all go a long way in preventing anxiety, depression, or life situations that may contribute to suicidal thoughts. Learn more about MSU's resources to assist with these topics.

Office of Activities and Engagement

Being socially engaged and involved in campus/community activities is a great way to prevent depression, anxiety, or loneliness. Visit the Office of Activities and Engagement to learn about clubs, organizations, and volunteer opportunities.

For more in-depth training about identifying and referring those at risk for suicide, see Training and Prevention resources.