Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

QPR is a one-hour training that trains participants to recognize signs and symptoms of suicide, how to ask about suicide and risk, and how to refer to local resources for help. Counseling and Psychological Services provides QPR training for students, faculty, and staff. To see our semester schedule, visit our programming page. To schedule a presentation, email the CPS Outreach Team or call us at 406-994-4531. 

Kognito At-Risk Online Module

Kognito At-Risk is a 45-minute, web-based training simulation module to train students, faculty, and staff in recognizing signs of mental health issues, distress, and suicide, as well as how to communicate with and refer at-risk students. The module can be accessed from home or office and completed at their convenience. Go to the KognitoCampus website, and create an account. The enrollment key for faculty/staff isbozemanemployee and the enrollment key for students is bozemanstudent .

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a deeper dive into mental health, de-stigmatizing treatment, and responding to crises. Participants become certified in MHFA and are trained to recognize and support someone who has, or could be developing, a mental health or substance use problem. This is a 2-hour self-study course, followed by a 6-hour in-person training. Watch for announcements on our website or MSU Calander for trainings throughout the year and over the summer. To schedule a training for a group of 10-25, email the CPS Outreach Team or call us at 406-994-4531. 

Wellness Presentations

A variety of Wellness, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health presentations are available from Student Health, Health Advancement, and Insight. To learn more, visit their websites or contact the following individuals: