Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

QPR is a one-hour training that trains participants to recognize signs and symptoms of suicide, how to ask about suicide and risk, and how to refer to local resources for help. Counseling and Psychological Services provides QPR training for students, faculty, and staff, and can be scheduled by contacting CPS at 406-994-4531 or emailing Brian Kassar at QPR will also be scheduled on campus throughout the year, so watch for training opportunities on the MSU calendar and CPS website.

Kognito At-Risk

Kognito At-Risk is a 45-minute, web-based training simulation module to train faculty and staff in recognizing signs of mental health issues, distress, and suicide, as well as how to communicate with and refer at-risk students. Faculty can access the module from home or office, and complete the training at their convenience. Kognito can be accessed at: Access code: msuboze.

College Signs of Suicide-SOS

The College SOS training program is designed to help college students recognize signs and symptoms of depression and suicide in their friends, and provide skills for how to help.

Students may access training materials at Access code: montanastateuniv.

In-person College SOS presentations are also available for classes, groups, and student organizations. To schedule a presentation, contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 406-994-4531 or email Brian at

Behind Happy Faces

Counseling and Psychological Services works with student leaders and peer educators who present information about mental wellness and coping skills. Ross Szabo’s Behind Happy Faces curriculum is a perfect tool to provide college students the tools they need to stay mentally well. To schedule a Behind Happy Faces presentation for your student group, contact CPS at 406-994-4531 or email Brian at

Wellness Presentations

A variety of Wellness, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health presentations are available from Student Health, Health Advancement, and Insight. To learn more, visit their websites or contact the following individuals: