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L = Length x D = Depth x H = Height


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Description Qty. Dimensions/Details Picture
Cases 2 Two hard shell cases, one blue, one white Two hard shell cases, larger white and smaller blue
Feed Mill equipment   Denver Roll Corrugating Roller; Model 9 x 18;  fair/working condition
Roskamp's Magnetic Scalper; fair/working condition
Jacobson Machine Works Pulverator Hammermill Model P-195-D with 30 HP, 3-phase motor; fair/working condition
Jacobson Horizontal Ribbon Type Feed Mixer, 100 cu/ft capacity, 15 HP motor; good/working condition
Blount/York Material Handling System (large green auger system); condition unknown
1,950 cu/ft per hour Capacity Paddle Type Screw Conveyor-Super Flow Trough Conveyor
3,090 cu/ft per hour capacity Paddle Type Screw Conveyor-Super Flow Trough Conveyor 
Standard Screw Conveyor
Fischbein Bag Sewer; unknown condition
Howe Richardson Gross Bagger; unknown condition  
Henke Square Bulk Bins; good condition (need to be dismantled)
Fairbanks Portable Platform Scale; good condition
Hunter discharge height, 1,500 bu/hour belt and bucket elevator; fair/working condition
Hunter  discharge height, 3,000 bu/hour belt and bucket elevator; fair/working condition
460 volt, 3-phase Furnas Electrical Control System; fair condition
13 Butler grain silos
Elevator wall lining 1 Blue cargo elevator padded lining Blue padded cargo elevator lining
Couch 1 Black Couch BlackCouch