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L = Length x D = Depth x H = Height


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Description Qty. Dimensions/Details Picture
Whiteboard 1

Small scheduling magnetic whiteboard

Small magnetic whiteboard for office scheduling
rug 1

High traffic rug, blue and grey mixed colors, rubber back

4' x 6'

Blue and grey office rug with black rubber back
Card boxes 3

Black metal index card boxes

Black metal card boxes with slots for labels
Kick stools 3

Various colors of metal kick stools

Pyramid stack of library kick stools
Map cases 2

2 metal map cases, one is two sections tall, one is three sections tall

Grey metal map case

Grey metal map case with drawer pulled out

Picture frames 3

Empty picture frames

Three empty picture frames
Smart board 1

Smart board on wheeled frame

No information on if smart board works, but can also be used as a white board.

Small smart board/white board on a rolling frame
 Misc photo 1 Framed abstract photo


Framed abstract picture with many colors