Name Position Email Major Hometown

Julia Barkelew

portrait photo of Barkelew

Co-President [email protected] Chemical Engineering Austin, Texas

Chloe Woodall

portrait photo of Woodall

Co-President [email protected] Chemical and Biological Engineering Boise, Idaho

Kayla Kozisek

photo of Kozisek

Treasurer [email protected] Chemical Engineering Boise, Idaho
Isabelle Cuthbertson Secretary [email protected] Chemical and Biological Engineering Kalispell, Montana
Kai Carlson Outreach Coordinator [email protected]   Fort Collins, Colorado
Emily Sayles Outreach Coordinator [email protected] Mechanical Engineering Denver, Colorado
Madi Haagenson Event Coordinator [email protected] Civil Engineering Billings, Montana
Sydney Juliussen Event Coordinator [email protected] Mechanical Engineering Kenai, Alaska

Mikayla Zakrzewski

photo of Kayla in field of wildflowers

Public Relations [email protected] Chemical and Biological Engineering Laurel, Montana


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