The TechLink Software Engineering and Analysis Laboratory (T-SEAL) provides a valuable, hands-on research experience to MSU students.  This unique testbed engages MSU computer science students and faculty in testing Department of Defense software programs to ensure their functionality, reliability, and security.  T-SEAL enables MSU undergrads and graduate students to gain practical, real-world experience developing cutting-edge software while covering a major part of their MSU education through paid internships.

Currently, the T-SEAL has eight student interns, who work half-time during the academic year and full-time during the summer.  Two Computer Science professors are actively engaged as faculty advisors:  Dr. Clem Izurieta and Dr. John Sheppard.  T-SEAL’s current major project is developing automated tests for new Army Corps of Engineers software modules.

The T-SEAL experience has given past interns enhanced employment prospects upon graduation.  Interns have gone on to successful careers as software developers for DoD laboratories, major defense contractors, and software companies—large and small.

MSU TechLink lands Army contract for software analysis

Montana State University’s TechLink Center has landed a $500,000 contract to continue quality assurance testing on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers software. The one-year award will fund eight computer science student internships at TSEAL.

TSEAL provides MSU students with real-world experience improving the Sustainment Management System, a software application created by the Corps’ Construction Engineering Research Laboratory to improve upkeep of hundreds of thousands of federal facilities by helping managers decide when, where and how to best conduct maintenance.

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